Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Bowl Party!

Okay so it wasn't some wild and crazy night but we did have a good time! We got to hang with some cool cats and play cards and watch the game (I was sooooo sad the Cardinals lost and still think the Steeler's should have ejected the one guy for the unnecessary roughness it was crud!). Something people don't know about me are you ready... I love sports! Shocking I know. I love to watch them. My to favorite professional sports are Baseball and Football. My favorite to play are Soccer and Volleyball.

I LOVE SPORTS. I love what the can teach a person and what they can help a person achieve. Most of all I love that it can bring some of the strangest concoctions of people together. For instance I don't think a single person that we were with tonight minus probably "B" knew I was that into football. I also don't think they knew I love to play cards.

It was fun. We rejoiced together and we thought it was "CRUD" together and we enjoyed each others company. As a matter of fact I enjoyed myself so much I forgot to take my camera out that night to take any pictures.

Good times!


smac said...

I'm glad you had a good time!! And I did not know you weer such a sports fan my friend. :) Lean something new everyday.

Anonymous said...

i love watching football and baseball too! I was never a big baseball fan til I moved here, but this city has a way of infecting you with the Cards bug :) And I'm becoming a hockey fan too - went to a game last year with some friends of our's that had tickets - so fun! Now I think I actually understand enough of the game to enjoy it :)

The super bowl, despite the cardinals losing, was a very good game. Entertaining, that's for sure! I thought it was all over in the first half with that interception return for a TD, but they proved me wrong!