Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meeting #1

So in about 8.2 hours I am going to meet with a group of people most of which I have never met before and begin discussing what will be the best options for my smallest boy. I have no idea what we will discuss if anything in this meeting. I am just praying for wisdom and peace regardless of what is discussed or decided.

I love that sweet boy with all that I am. I want absolutely everything in the world for him. The best we can do for him always. So it begins another new journey into another realm of the unknown. This past 2 years have been some of the most eventful and fun and crazy and confusing of my life. But I like to think we have come out on a better side. God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave Nolan to me. To us.

On to bigger and better things. Or at least the start of them.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

X-Rays and Curls

So we closed on the house on that Thursday and we ran over there to collect the garage door openers and all of those fun things. Hudson thought to celebrate it would be a really fun idea to jump down some of the stairs. Well he hurt his foot pretty bad. I mean it is a good thing this kid is cute or man would he be dead already!

So on Friday while sissy was in school. Nolan and I took Hudson for X-rays of his foot. After that we stopped to get a haircut for Hudson (he has been asking for weeks). While we were there Nolan said he wanted his haircut too! So I sucked it up and let him, as he said, "Look ike Brubber". This is the result....

How big does this kid look? Where did my baby go? All those curls all gone. The haircut was a little traumatic... just because while we were sitting there the hair stylist next to us turned on her clippers... the rest of the hair cut had to be done while he was sitting on my lap with his cheek glued to mine :) Poor buddy. Poor all grown up, big boy haircut, all the curls gone buddy.

Love these boys!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New House!

I can't believe I am typing these words. We got a house! We got a house! We got a house! It is so exciting to know that we have a home again. Some place that is all ours! I can't wait to start painting and making it all ours! So unbelievably excited!

A little picture to show you the place!

This is the only one I have so far but more to come soon!