Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy???? Nah....

Hi if anyone still reads this. I am still around. Just busy. I never thought I would be this busy with two small people and one cooking. We are soooo much busier than we have ever been before! It is a good busy.

The children are wonderful. Leanna is smart and talented and learning lots of new things! (upcoming pictures and posts I promise). Hudson is energetic and snuggly and well crazy. Nolan is still cooking. He is causing Mommy lots of trouble and Leanna and Hudson are getting anxious and when I tell them they have to wait til they start seeing pumpkins... let's just say it isn't pretty.

Josh is working. ALOT. Some days it feels like he is still driving the rig. It is nice to have the weekends but he is busy. Working hard.

Me I am working and cleaning and cooking and baby preparing and driving and swimming (ALOT man has it been hot!) and having hose fights and running around and planning a camping trip! (More on that later too I know I am crazy.)

I hope the few that still read this are having a great start to summer and are having fun and busy times! I think we may have hit a rhythm or a "new normal" for now and I will be back to posting like the B.C. (Before Crazy) times!