Friday, November 28, 2008


Hope everyone had a lovely day today and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Okay that was about it...

Love and Blessings,
The Brewers

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday....I like it alot!

So this button above me is a really cool idea that MckMama came up with. So here is my first shot at it. If you would like to join in please feel free and comment and let me know so I can come and visit yours and relive and laugh at your craziness...

Here goes...

I did not take a shower yesterday morning to get ready for church and come out and find Hudson sans, pants, shoes, socks and diaper with a trail of urine up and down my hallway.

I did not lose my cool and yell at the children.

I did not have my daughter pray for me in her Sunday school class. In that same story line I did not have Leanna's sunday school teacher come up to me and say "Leanna's prayer request this morning was that her momma would be nicer to her and Hudson".

I did not proceed in going home and having a good pouting session until my husband came home.

I also did not proceed to eat 4 chocolate chip cookies (that my wonderful husband Josh made) knowing full good and well that I am on a diet.

So just to give you and idea that was just my Sunday. Since the son was half naked there will be no pictures with this post. So I hope you enjoyed a good laugh because at least today I can laugh at it. Seriously. Yesterday I just pouted and well cried a little too....

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weight loss Challenge!

Well ladies (and my one gentleman reader) today was weigh in day.

I didn't do so well with eating this week. I did work on my exercise routine more though and that will help with the weeks to come...

So the final tally after 1 week.

Last week: 236

This week: 235

I know not horribly impressive however a loss is a loss right?

So maybe I will be back next week with another 5 or more pounds loss. Better kick it up a notch huh?

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
I promise a picture soon...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trying to do the video thing...

This is a video of the kids doing a song at church two weeks ago. They are really stinking cute. So I am going to try to upload the video. Please let me know if you can view it and of course what you think of those cute babies.



Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weight loss Challenge!

So we weighed in... the results stand as....

Original: 242

New: 236

That is right ladies and gentleman I lost 6 pounds this week. Now I just wish I could see the difference.

I will keep working on it. Hopefully by Christmas you will see and know a much smaller Shay! Sorry no picture this week will try to do better next time!



Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is the day. I have to say all of the economy talk and craziness is driving me CRAZY. I am a pretty patriotic chick. I pay attention and do my research and I vote. I stood in line for two hours this morning to fill in my circles and get my little "I Voted" sticker. I stood in line for two minutes worth of work that could/will effect the next four years of my, my family, my children, my friends, my co-workers and my country's life.

I am terrified. Not in the oh my gosh the world is ending sort of way. Though to hear some people do feel that way (which in and of itself is terrifying).

I am excited because my God is big enough for all of it. My God is in control of all it. Whether we like it or want it (which lets be honest we don't sometimes) He has it. He knows everything before it will ever happen. (I soooo wish I had that power sometimes.) He has it. I just have to remember and trust in that. He has it all of it. I don't trust a politician to save my life and I don't have to either that is the beauty of it. One way or another God's got it and I just have to trust.

So today I stood in line for two hours. I prayed for a good portion of those two hours and then I read some and prayed some and read some. I laughed some. I told jokes some. I had a positive voting experience. I prayed for knowledge, kindness, peace, for our country and its leaders for our states and the people who live in them. I prayed about alot of things. Mostly I prayed for my children and the world that they are growing to be adults in. I know God has that too but I play such a HUGE roll in that. I fail sooooo many times. I fail in lots of parenting things, I lose my temper, I am lazy and I fail them but man I try. Everyone fails including our current leader and the new leader of this country. I prayed for him (both hims) too. Humans fail. We do it is inevitable we aren't nor ever will be perfect (politician or not).

Now I pray for peace. For understanding and for knowledge and for the new leader of our country whomever that may be.

I have rambled and I am sure I have confused. I am sorry.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

So Tired...Slacking on Blog...Keep Eyes Open...

So as the title of the post suggests I am really tired so this is going to be short and sweet with some updates.

Halloween was lots of fun. I have some cute kids. Proven by the handfuls of candy we received while trick or treating (said candy??? 90% will be gifted to a basket on my desk at work!!!!) Pictures of said cuteness....

We made those awesome cookies that my friend "S" made for my work luncheon they were a huge success! Leanna had a blast. See turn out of spider cookies (awesomeness don't know how to link yet working on that again to tired to even try)....

I am really excited for the holidays coming up however I am also seriously not looking forward to them either. Is that normal and okay???

I am still not smoking (which you think would be easy but some days it is much harder than others)...

I am excited about my "coupon" group coming over tomorrow. I love hanging out with those women they make me smile so do their kids...

Remember that 34 pounds of apples in previous post?

I turned them into apple pie...

Apple Bread (which was delicious)...

And Apple Muffins which we are still eating for breakfast yummy!!!!

I hate time changes they stink ALOT!

I want to learn how to put videos on my blog someone needs to teach/explain/wake me up long enough to learn. "S" I have a really cute one of Leanna telling Lily hello (she wanted me to pt it up after she saw Lily singing the coffee song).

I leave you know with some of the cutest kids ever....