Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Brewer

We are finishing up month...6. Holy cow can it be the end of month 6 already???

Well I suppose it is.

Amazing how fast and yet how slow that time is moving.

We have to keep reminding the kids that Baby Nolan won't be joining us until they start seeing pumpkins in the fall time. Close to trick or treating time. They are so excited. Hudson enjoys patting my belly and "talking" to Nolan. It is really cute. Leanna loves helping me pick out things for Baby Nolan.

I think we may have to name him that. Baby Nolan Scott. It isn't just not Nolan Scott it is Baby Nolan Scott it is rather amusing.

JC Penney's had an awesome and amazing sale and all of these items (in this and following pictures) you see cost less than 30 dollars!!!

Hudson picked this out for Nolan. He LOVES dinosaurs so of course Nolan had to have some dinosaur awesome in his wardrobe.

This is the softie Leanna picked out for Nolan. Hudson has picked out matching monkey slippers I will try to get a picture of later. For some reason monkeys seem to be the theme they have chosen for Nolan. It is rather cute that they worked on what to pick out.

Major items are still needing to be bought. I have things I need to get together and purchase or find and organize and clean. However, it is coming along and as stressed and worried as I am I am so excited and thankful. Fitting Baby Nolan into our house...well lets just say we are still working on the logistics. Adding another amazing little life and awesome personality into our family... yeah no problems there.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

We had the opportunity to take the kids camping for the 4th of July. I was a little nervous with the whole you know being pregnant thing. I like to be comfortable if I must be larger than life. (Completely aware larger than life is necessary however it is still uncomfortable no matter how much I love and am thankful for it!)

However I decided to give it a shot for the small people. They were so excited. My husband was through the roof excited. So I went with it and got excited too.

We had such a fun time! The river was crystal clear and gorgeous. The weather was awesome no rain or anything. The heat wasn't even to extreme. The kids behaved so well. They even slept better. Could have something to do with being exhaust from this...

or this...

or even this...

or perhaps this...

They had so much fun in the water it was obviously the highlight of the trip. We went fishing and we ate, we went swimming, we ate, we rode bikes, we ate, we slept, we went swimming, we ate...okay so you get the idea. I never knew my children could put away the amount of food that they did this weekend. A little fresh air and nonstop activity and man oh man am I in trouble with they get bigger!
Some more pics from our trip...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Every Good Boy Does Fine

A couple of months ago someone purchased (through silent bids) the church piano for my children. Anonymously. I have no idea who gifted my children with such a special thing. I can "pluck" a tune out and can read music but a pianist I am not.

Enter my wonderful friend Melissa (Leanna and Hudson call her Aunt Mel). She however plays the piano beautifully. She offered to give Leanna piano lessons for FREE! Just so she could spend some time with the kids. So we go on Thursdays for piano lessons and afterwards we all go swimming together at her apartment complex. It is a great night filled with fun and laughter and learning. Leanna is still a little young as far as when Mel likes to start lessons (usually around age 6) but she thought she would give it a shot and Leanna has surprised both of us with her eagerness to learn and her ability to retain the information.

Some pictures from lessons...

Leanna and Aunt Mel.

Learning to read the notes.

Her with her fingers positioned and playing.

Hormonal mommy moment warning: I look at the little hand and I get teary eyed just thinking about all the new things she has been doing and learning. Yet I still can remember her chubby baby hand reaching for something. Now it is learning to play music. Amazing how fast the years go by. Sad and wonderful and amazing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tumbling Time!

Josh and I have discussed for a few months letting the kids get involved in something they were interested in. So of course we went to the kids to ask what they thought....

Leanna of course was full of things, swimming, singing, dancing, gymnastics, horseback riding...on and on and on. She is very active and enjoys so many things. She has a huge imagination and an even bigger (if that is possible) love of learning new things.

Hudson well he is big on Walker Texas Ranger. He loves all things cowboy and martial arts and dinosaurs. He wanted to take karate (to learn how to beat up bad guys), fire fighter lessons (he also loves all things fire truck and fire fighter related) or animal hunting helper... he is soooo funny. I am amazed some days that the little guy is still just 2.

So Josh and I discussed it and talked about it and did some research and then we talked to the kids about it. Leanna narrowed it down to gymnastics and dance lessons. She was very diplomatic about it and it made me smile (well we go swimming a lot and Pappy and Grandma Kathy have horses...) I was impressed.

Hudson decided he wanted to do karate (after we told him the others were impossible *grin*).

Unfortunately for Leanna dance wasn't enrolling any new students until the fall and for Hudson we couldn't find ANY martial art studios to take children under the age of 4.

So gymnastics lessons it was. They LOVE it. Hudson is having some listening issues (cause he would much rather be moving than sitting still and listening) but he loves going to his class and learning without mommy (major bonus point for this gym I don't have to be in the class with either child one very pregnant happy momma about this). Leanna is amazes me at how much she is picking up and how much she has learned. She is trying new things and getting over fears (like heights and falling). She works very hard to do everything she is told as best she can.

I leave you with some pictures of our little gymnasts.

This is Hudson's class. He is with all girls. His exact words to his teacher "Are there ever any boys?"

She is keeping the hula hoop up for around 3-10 seconds which is pretty major for a 4 year old.

As you can tell this is shot from above as we are not allowed in the gym. The beam is actually almost a foot of the mat.

Hudson was supposed to be "Elephant walking" this is about what it looks like.

We are pretty proud of how hard they have been working. Inside and outside of class. I am always amazed at how much they dedicate themselves to something. They go at it 110% and I am so thankful for kids who are enjoying while learning and trying hard