Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Brewer

We are finishing up month...6. Holy cow can it be the end of month 6 already???

Well I suppose it is.

Amazing how fast and yet how slow that time is moving.

We have to keep reminding the kids that Baby Nolan won't be joining us until they start seeing pumpkins in the fall time. Close to trick or treating time. They are so excited. Hudson enjoys patting my belly and "talking" to Nolan. It is really cute. Leanna loves helping me pick out things for Baby Nolan.

I think we may have to name him that. Baby Nolan Scott. It isn't just not Nolan Scott it is Baby Nolan Scott it is rather amusing.

JC Penney's had an awesome and amazing sale and all of these items (in this and following pictures) you see cost less than 30 dollars!!!

Hudson picked this out for Nolan. He LOVES dinosaurs so of course Nolan had to have some dinosaur awesome in his wardrobe.

This is the softie Leanna picked out for Nolan. Hudson has picked out matching monkey slippers I will try to get a picture of later. For some reason monkeys seem to be the theme they have chosen for Nolan. It is rather cute that they worked on what to pick out.

Major items are still needing to be bought. I have things I need to get together and purchase or find and organize and clean. However, it is coming along and as stressed and worried as I am I am so excited and thankful. Fitting Baby Nolan into our house...well lets just say we are still working on the logistics. Adding another amazing little life and awesome personality into our family... yeah no problems there.


smac said...

Those little outfits look so tiny and are SOOO cute!! I can't wait to meet baby Nolan Scott. Love that name!! Oh, babies...I've held a little baby all week at our kids clubs and it is making me miss having a little one.

What a blessing a new little one will be. I'm sure it might seem hard trying to figure out how everything is going to work out, but once that little guy is here I'm sure everything will be fine. :) Yay babies!!!

Anonymous said...

So fun! I'm excited to meet Baby Nolan Scott too! (and I'm kind of anxious to see some pumpkins around here ...) I can't believe you're 6 mo already. This pregnancy has flown by!!! (yay for you - better than it crawling by, painfully) So excited for your family!!