Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tumbling Time!

Josh and I have discussed for a few months letting the kids get involved in something they were interested in. So of course we went to the kids to ask what they thought....

Leanna of course was full of things, swimming, singing, dancing, gymnastics, horseback riding...on and on and on. She is very active and enjoys so many things. She has a huge imagination and an even bigger (if that is possible) love of learning new things.

Hudson well he is big on Walker Texas Ranger. He loves all things cowboy and martial arts and dinosaurs. He wanted to take karate (to learn how to beat up bad guys), fire fighter lessons (he also loves all things fire truck and fire fighter related) or animal hunting helper... he is soooo funny. I am amazed some days that the little guy is still just 2.

So Josh and I discussed it and talked about it and did some research and then we talked to the kids about it. Leanna narrowed it down to gymnastics and dance lessons. She was very diplomatic about it and it made me smile (well we go swimming a lot and Pappy and Grandma Kathy have horses...) I was impressed.

Hudson decided he wanted to do karate (after we told him the others were impossible *grin*).

Unfortunately for Leanna dance wasn't enrolling any new students until the fall and for Hudson we couldn't find ANY martial art studios to take children under the age of 4.

So gymnastics lessons it was. They LOVE it. Hudson is having some listening issues (cause he would much rather be moving than sitting still and listening) but he loves going to his class and learning without mommy (major bonus point for this gym I don't have to be in the class with either child one very pregnant happy momma about this). Leanna is amazes me at how much she is picking up and how much she has learned. She is trying new things and getting over fears (like heights and falling). She works very hard to do everything she is told as best she can.

I leave you with some pictures of our little gymnasts.

This is Hudson's class. He is with all girls. His exact words to his teacher "Are there ever any boys?"

She is keeping the hula hoop up for around 3-10 seconds which is pretty major for a 4 year old.

As you can tell this is shot from above as we are not allowed in the gym. The beam is actually almost a foot of the mat.

Hudson was supposed to be "Elephant walking" this is about what it looks like.

We are pretty proud of how hard they have been working. Inside and outside of class. I am always amazed at how much they dedicate themselves to something. They go at it 110% and I am so thankful for kids who are enjoying while learning and trying hard


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Hudson wants to be Walker, Texas Ranger. Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

Looks like the kids are doing great in the class! Where is it at?

good stuff!!

smac said...

How fun!! It looks like they are having such a good time. So, Hudson and Leanna are in the same class? That is great! Saves on trips and everything.

Where is it at? Glad they are having so much fun. Leanna looks so old in her leotard. :(