Thursday, August 28, 2008


So i promised pictures of that super fun night so here we go!

We started the night like any girls night with a group photo. Aren't the girls pretty?

We moved on to some delicious pizza!

Then we got ready for our craft project. They were really excited.

Some serious concentration.

I think this was Lily's before the baking process. I meant to get pictures of them with them when they were done. But poor Beth (my super fantastical craft helper) wasn't done with them until almost 11:30 or so.

Then we painted toenails an d fingernails. That was a lot of fun. And the girls all sat so very still until they dried. It was neat to see which colors they liked and wanted so very similar little girls with VERY different taste.

What is a sleepover with out a little dress up and jumping on the bed? Hudson is the only one I "caught" doing this because everytime I came into the room to "check" the girls were all sitting on the bed.

Then everyone put on their jammies to settle down. We read the Cat in the Hat and then went in to lay with our snugglies and watch enchanted. Aren't these babies the cutest things ever!

And of course every mommy's favorite part of the night. BED TIME!!!!

There were of course tons more pictures but these were some of the highlights of the night.

HUGE THANKS TO MELISSA AND BETH for hanging with us and helping out!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So I survived!

I know it is Wednesday and I am seriously slacking on the update thing. But this week at work has been nuts and getting ready for the party this weekend and still trying to get everything that needs to be accomplished done.

I feel like my to-do list is always getting longer. The minute I cross something off I seem to add three or four things to it.

Back to the slumber party... It was so much fun (work as well but...)! Leanna had a blast with all of her little friends there. When I walked in the door with Lily on Friday her face lit up like it was Christmas morning or something.

When her friends starting arriving she was jumping up and down as each one came to the door.

I have pictures that I will try to post tonight as well.

We did a really fun little craft that was really cute to see each of the little girls take on it. They all worked really hard on it. We had pizza which was fun to see them in their circle talking. The things little girls talk about let me tell you! They were all really sweet to Hudson and let him do almost everything with them (including dress up which we played a lot of). They shared their snacks with everyone which was funny too. We painted toenails and fingernails and played games. It was really a lot of fun.

They were all amazingly well behaved and minus one or two incidents of not wanting to share or all wanting to do something different there wasn't a single fight or even a harsh word which was really surprising for me with all of those little girls.

It was also really nice because of of these little friends are church goers too so when Leanna wanted to say nighttime prayers it was really sweet because they all chimed in with something.

So all in all it was a wonderful sleepover... Exhausting and crazy messy but a blast none-the-less.

Pictures to come!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Am I crazy?

So tonight is the night (..the most beautiful night...sorry about that). I think it has happened I think my children have finally snapped my brain right into two and it is no longer functioning.

Do you wish to know why?

Of course you do why else would you be reading this?

I have agreed/planned/allowed for Leanna to have her very first sleepover!!!!!!!!

So that means I am having 4 little girls (approx. same age as Leanna) plus Leanna and Hudson tonight AHHHHH!!!!!!! (I knew you would scream with me).

In all seriousness my little girl is so excited about tonight that it makes every piece of it worth it. And it should be a good time. I have a craft plan and some games and some fun snacks so the girls should all have a blast I hope. But say a little prayer for my sanity, you know...just in case.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Her... (sniff sniff)

So today is a happy day if you are a certain blonde haired blue eyed little girl who is turning 4. Or a sad one if you are her momma who is not dealing with this birthday very well.

She has gotten so big. I remember the baby days. She was the happiest baby full of laughter and smiles. She loved to “go go go” and still does to this day. She always has laughed, she loves to laugh at everything and when she laughs everyone laughs cause you can't help but catch her joy. She loved to explore and find new things.

And today at 3:53 am she turned 4. She is still all those things (with more flair for whining and pushing brother down and crazy stunts) but she is so much more now. It is amazing to see her grow and change everyday. Smart is a word I also have to use just bright and in the normal (I am sure every momma gets the right to brag a little on their babies birthdays right?) she knows her ABC's (how to say and write all of them), can count to twenty (she can) and is learning how to add and subtract things (which she is), writing her and brothers names (check). She still makes us laugh with her "productions" and "songs". She amazes me with her kindness when her brother is sick and she shares her "Curly Bear". She drives me crazy when she wants something and I tell her "Just a minute". She slays me with some of the things she says.

I am blessed to have her. She is a wonderful (yet overly dramatic), smart (sarcastic), sweet and caring (when she wants to be), little girl. God was really kind to me when He gave her to me and I am thankful for it everyday.

Sad is her momma to watch her grow. Happy is her momma to see her change everyday and know that she is confident in who she is and what she does. Glad is her momma that she has friends (who in turn their mommas are my friends). Grateful is her momma that she is healthy. Blessed is her family.

Blessed is her momma.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl I love you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monkeying Around

So this past weekend I got brave and with a friend and her kids we took the brood to Money Joe’s… It is this super awesome and amazing place full of bounce houses… of all shapes and kinda. It is super fun. The kids always have an amazing time and I love to watch them run around and having a blast.

Leanna loves the obstacle courses she always things she is so “awesome” for being able to do these on her own.

Hudson happens to like the big circular one (it looks like it has a target in it) and he likes to “butt jump”. Which is jump as high as he can in the air and then kick his legs in front of him and land on his bottom. It is pretty funny to watch.

Needless to say it was a few hours of lots of fun. Halee and Keegan (are two weeks younger than Hudson) came with us and had a blast. Leanna enjoyed helping them do stuff (not that they needed a ton of help).

A good fun day.

I love my kids.

Friday, August 15, 2008



Happy Friday to all!

I love Fridays. As much as I hate Tuesdays (see post) I LOVE Fridays.

Fridays are special in a couple different ways. The first is the obvious it means that my work week has ended! And that I have two days of glorious freedom from my desk and responsibilities (at work that is) and crazy engineers who have not enough time in their day or mine to “make it happ’n”.

The second reason is Josh is off work on Friday’s this can mean several things...1. My house will b e trashed when I return to it but the kids will have been played with, 2. My house will be clean but my children will be crabby because Daddy made them be still all day to not mess the house up, 3. The house will be straightened up and the kids will be in a pretty good mood. Those are usually the closest to what I come home to.

So why do I like Fridays you ask?
Because Daddy is home it now makes it possible when volleyball starts in 3 weeks (YEAH!!! for exercise and for God’s favorite sport at least I think it is) and I can say yes and not feel guilty, so I can play and have fun and have quality time to myself and to allow my body to work some kinks out or obtain some more kinks which ever way you look at it.


Because Daddy is home which means unless I have to do something I don’t always have to go straight home after work. Which is nice. I have the kids the other 6 days of the week so it is really nice to meander home and stop along the way if I so choose. (Fear not good friends volleyball is only from Sept 5th - Nov. 21st so before and after for the following:)

So why am I announcing this to the Blog World Wide? Because if you are reading this it probably means we are friends and in which case I am hoping you will see this and think... Hey Shay isn’t busy on Fridays anymore...we should grab a cup of joe (java, mocha, latte, hotness, sweet relief, caffeine, go juice), lets window shop, I don’t care but let me know if you want to hang because as of now Friday’s are usually all mine!

In the words of Hudson “Woot Woot Beep Beep”!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brewer Family 1 Dirty Van 0

And the Gold Medal of super cool van cleanliness goes to.... THE BREWER FAMILY... the Americans take the GOLD!!! (okay so I have been watching the Olympics what can I say)

This month so far (and the end of last month) has been very busy for us Brewers. Thus meaning we have lived in the van. We have eaten in the van, we have gotten dressed in the van, undressed in the van, played in the van and even slept in the van. (Thank God for the van by the way her name is Bella in case I refer to her that way). Mostly this has been the kids that have done the above mentioned, however, I have to admit in several of those mom has taken apart of (especially taking my shoes off after work I hate high heels).

However when we get home from said trips it seems like the trash never quite makes it where it needs to be or the shoes or the shirts or the toys or the blankets and sadly sometimes even the sippy cups.

Now those of you who know me well know that I have a serious case of germaphobanisms… (yes it is a word I just made it up). For some reason this does not transfer to my vehicle. Do not ask me why it just doesn’t.

So last night after the kids were safely tucked into bed. We began the process. Josh would go through the stuff and decide what needed to come in and what needed to be thrown away (aka trash, bags, any yucky gross meal on the go toys that we can get rid of when the kids aren’t looking those kinds of things) and then he would bring the remainder into me to be wiped down (with Lysol and Clorox and such) ie., toys and sunglasses and headbands and such, washed ie., clothes, socks, sometimes shoes (muddy and stuff), blankets and sippy cups, or put away or filed, such as paperwork that fell out of the bag o’everything (a post on this later), purse, mailbox set down (you know when you check the mailbox{ours is not at our house but down the street} and forget to grab all of it or leave the junk mail sitting there cause you’ll “get it later” and then later never happens). Sorry that was a bit of a rambling run-on wasn’t it?

Then while I was doing that Josh took the van my baby Bella (we love her very much) and vacuumed her out.

So today August 13, 2008 began victorious with a clean vehicle. And tonight I shall hopefully whip the home front into glorious shape again as well.

I shall emerge VICTORIOUS! OR at least I sure hope so.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesdays, Tuesdays, Tuesdays

I hate Tuesdays do you care to guess why???

Tuesday glitters

Because they come after Mondays and before Wednesdays you say??? No…

I hate them because my children HATE them.

It is after Monday and they know what is coming now. They don’t like to go to bed on Monday nights you guessed it because they know that tomorrow is going to be the same as today was.

See Monday (since they are still so little) sneaks up on them. Let me explain to you.

They have Fridays with Daddy and Saturdays they get both of us and Sundays are church days and mommy days. So they forget all about having to get up and get dressed and ready to go at 6:00 in the morning. Usually Friday’s have become jammie days with daddy. They get to lay around and watch TV and play “wrestling” and chase and hide and seek. Saturdays we usually go to the store or to the park or try to do some fun and family activity. Sundays we are usually so busy by 2:00 our eyes are popping out of our heads.

So by Sunday night they are ready to get their baths and jammies and have their snacks and go to bed. So when Mom or Dad come into their room Monday morning (or wake them up from sleeping between us) they are a little disgruntled and confused. Which of course makes it easier to do the surprise sneak attack of getting dressed and ready.

They never throw a fit or anything when we leave for work. They know that we are going to make “milk money”. But Tuesdays oh blessed Tuesdays are so fun filled in the mornings. There is crying and “I don’t want to get dressed”, “my eyes are still sleeping” (Leanna’s personal favorite).

So by the time we get them dropped off and get on our way Josh and I have started hitting QT that morning for a cup of coffee and a regrouping session before we have to go to work.

So Tuesdays generally aren’t a good morning for us as a family. However I do REALLY enjoy my coffee on Tuesdays

Monday, August 11, 2008

Returning to the Blog

So WOW!!! Been a long time huh? I keep reading other friends and family members blogs and I forget. You. Need. To. Write. Your’s. Amazing how that happens isn’t it. I forget things pretty easily nowadays! But I promise the postings will become more regular from now on.

Things are great with the family. Josh is no longer a truck driver. He is home and works for Charter (a telephone/internet/cable thing). I am now working full time which is CRAZY! And my kids are absolutely amazing.

Birthday time is coming up. Which is absolutely just… insane. My little blonde headed blue eyed creature (I say that with affection) is going to be 4. She is so smart. Funny story for all. Conversation on a morning on our way to the sitter’s house

“Mommy is a PORdicament a problem?”

“Yes Leanna a PREdicament is a problem?”

“So it was a preDORcament when Cocoa” (being our dog) “puked in her cage today?”

“Yes it was a predicament this morning”

Silence as weird look comes across her face…..

“You know what mom I think I will stick with problem”

<span class=

All that and she isn’t even 4 I got slightly teary eyed from it although I think it was probably from the laughter more so than the sadness.

Hudson is going to be 2.

<span class=

Man boys are different. Leanna isn’t super girly she likes mud and bugs just the same as her brother but still boys are different. We wrestle a lot! But when he jumps on you or runs into you it is like a Mack Truck running over a speed bump. (Me being the speed bump and I am not a little person!)

I am excited for birthday time because my kids are excited about it. At the same time I can’t help but look back to the days when they were born and the crazy days of infantness. I miss them I do (in some crazy only a mother can way) but man I wouldn’t trade the years (oh my gosh I just said years as in plural for two children that is very sad) that we have had or the years that are to come for anything in the whole wide world.