Monday, August 11, 2008

Returning to the Blog

So WOW!!! Been a long time huh? I keep reading other friends and family members blogs and I forget. You. Need. To. Write. Your’s. Amazing how that happens isn’t it. I forget things pretty easily nowadays! But I promise the postings will become more regular from now on.

Things are great with the family. Josh is no longer a truck driver. He is home and works for Charter (a telephone/internet/cable thing). I am now working full time which is CRAZY! And my kids are absolutely amazing.

Birthday time is coming up. Which is absolutely just… insane. My little blonde headed blue eyed creature (I say that with affection) is going to be 4. She is so smart. Funny story for all. Conversation on a morning on our way to the sitter’s house

“Mommy is a PORdicament a problem?”

“Yes Leanna a PREdicament is a problem?”

“So it was a preDORcament when Cocoa” (being our dog) “puked in her cage today?”

“Yes it was a predicament this morning”

Silence as weird look comes across her face…..

“You know what mom I think I will stick with problem”

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All that and she isn’t even 4 I got slightly teary eyed from it although I think it was probably from the laughter more so than the sadness.

Hudson is going to be 2.

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Man boys are different. Leanna isn’t super girly she likes mud and bugs just the same as her brother but still boys are different. We wrestle a lot! But when he jumps on you or runs into you it is like a Mack Truck running over a speed bump. (Me being the speed bump and I am not a little person!)

I am excited for birthday time because my kids are excited about it. At the same time I can’t help but look back to the days when they were born and the crazy days of infantness. I miss them I do (in some crazy only a mother can way) but man I wouldn’t trade the years (oh my gosh I just said years as in plural for two children that is very sad) that we have had or the years that are to come for anything in the whole wide world.

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smac said...

Hey glad to see you have returned to the blog world!! I love when you write and your blogs always make my days a little merrier. :) Love ya!