Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Her... (sniff sniff)

So today is a happy day if you are a certain blonde haired blue eyed little girl who is turning 4. Or a sad one if you are her momma who is not dealing with this birthday very well.

She has gotten so big. I remember the baby days. She was the happiest baby full of laughter and smiles. She loved to “go go go” and still does to this day. She always has laughed, she loves to laugh at everything and when she laughs everyone laughs cause you can't help but catch her joy. She loved to explore and find new things.

And today at 3:53 am she turned 4. She is still all those things (with more flair for whining and pushing brother down and crazy stunts) but she is so much more now. It is amazing to see her grow and change everyday. Smart is a word I also have to use just bright and in the normal (I am sure every momma gets the right to brag a little on their babies birthdays right?) she knows her ABC's (how to say and write all of them), can count to twenty (she can) and is learning how to add and subtract things (which she is), writing her and brothers names (check). She still makes us laugh with her "productions" and "songs". She amazes me with her kindness when her brother is sick and she shares her "Curly Bear". She drives me crazy when she wants something and I tell her "Just a minute". She slays me with some of the things she says.

I am blessed to have her. She is a wonderful (yet overly dramatic), smart (sarcastic), sweet and caring (when she wants to be), little girl. God was really kind to me when He gave her to me and I am thankful for it everyday.

Sad is her momma to watch her grow. Happy is her momma to see her change everyday and know that she is confident in who she is and what she does. Glad is her momma that she has friends (who in turn their mommas are my friends). Grateful is her momma that she is healthy. Blessed is her family.

Blessed is her momma.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl I love you.


Casey said...

Awww ... that just about made me cry! Leanna is such a great little girl! I'm glad she was born today too! Hope you guys have lots of fun celebrating her today!

Bethany said...

You can't write things like that when you know pregnant, hormonal people are going to be reading them. Especially when those same people's daughters turn 4 in 3 weeks. Thanks for making me cry!

smac said...

She is soooo cute!! I almost cried reading your post. I'm a sap!!