Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do you Sweat It?

I read an interesting post on Ragamuffin Soul today. I don't catch that blog all the time but when I do I usually enjoy what Carlos is writing about.

It also got me thinking what makes me sweat? So here goes...

I sweat it everytime I have to go to work.
I sweat it everytime I don't work.
I sweat it when my house isn't clean.
I sweat it when I can't get ahold of Josh.
I sweat it when Hudson has a bad day.
I sweat it when I think someone has an issue with me.
I sweat it when Leanna rolls her eyes.
I sweat it when I go to bed and everything isn't done.
I sweat it when my kids eat mac and cheese for dinner.
I sweat it when instead of playing we watch a movie cause I am to tired.
I sweat it when it rains.
I sweat it trying to figure out where God wants me to be.
I sweat it trying to figure out what God wants me to do.
I sweat it worrying about the life I am carrying.
I sweat it worrying about am I a good and Godly mom.
I sweat it.....

Apparently I sweat it alot. Do you?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yeah so...

Okay so I am sorry real life just had me busy! Really busy. I love it...every minute of it. Real life that is. Don't get me wrong I have missed blogging and I am trying to reorganize my time to try and fit more time for this. I want to have a place to look back and go oh yeah that is it! That is what we did then.

This little phase in my life is just something else right now. Between the babies, the husband, the house and the job it is time consuming. Crazy right? Why would that be time consuming?

I am trying to figure out how to get my house back to normal. All of the construction is interesting. Keeping a positive attitude about it I know it will be lovely when it is finished and hopefully with more storage and more functionality as well.

The children are fun and trying. Hudson is a button pusher and testing limits is what he does best. He is at a time in his little life that he needs to learn the rules and boundaries and pushing past them is well his idea of fun at the moment. Leanna is sassy and bossy but sweet and kind. They keep me on my toes and make me smile.

The job well that is simply a necessity. An evil necessity to be honest. I wish that staying at home was a possibility right now and I miss it soooo much. But right now it is required that I go in and put in a hard and good day's work. The kids are understanding thank goodness but every once in a while it makes me sad to hear Leanna say she wishes I didn't have to work.

So yeah this is not what my idea of normal was supposed to be at this point in the game. But...we are making it work. Some days are a LOT harder than others and some just seem to be well... normal.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is TV really the root of all Evil?

I love the blogging world. Really I do. There are some amazing stories and families and women and ideas and support that can come from the internet. However there is also an insane amount of pressure I feel too. Now this could just be me, but I doubt it. Does anyone else feel incredibly inadequate some days when you read about something other "bloggers" are doing and make you second guess your choices as a parent?

For me lately I feel this way with TV. Everywhere I look, read, listen etc., is saying oh get rid of the TV you won't even notice it is gone. First, my husband works for the cable company, as part of his job requirement we have cable, (along some of the bells and whistles like DVR and half price Pay Per View), and oh yeah TV pays our bills (weird right?). Second my husband likes TV. He works hard and enjoys watching TV at night. 'Nuff said about that.

At our house we don't watch what I feel to be an overabundance of TV. However my children do watch cartoons and Leanna grew up with Clifford, Little Einsteins, Dora (she knows all of her numbers and colors in Spanish which I think is cool) and Word World and Hudson he unfortunately has grown up with Spongebob (I HATE THIS SHOW), Diego (he now has an insane curiosity for animals) and Sesame Street and Veggie Tales and Backyardigans (this was both children really).

There are occasions we watch the news with the kids. This very morning a little boy is missing and we were talking about it while we waited to hear the weather for the day. I live in a world with good and bad and I want my babies prepared for it. Hudson and I had what I feel to be a pretty good conversation (he is 2 you know) about why we never go outside without a mommy or a daddy (or a Ms. Beth, or Grandma Kathy, or a etc. etc. etc.) and how when you are outside by yourself it is dangerous (we live by creeks and crazy driving teenagers which is just ugly trust me). This situation (which has me praying so hard for this little guy, his mom and his dad) is ugly and not fun and confusing and hard to deal with but it is soooo real. Yet, this news story (and TV watching) gave me another window and an in too make a point and a have an example and visual right there to start a conversation to my children.

I feel sometimes TV is valuable too. If used and enjoyed the right way.

However that is the beauty of this "bloggy" land. New ideas and help as well as disagreements and different opinions. What do's and do not's does your family have with the TV?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So I thought I was back....

So yeah I came back with a vengeance only to have Real Life totally smack me back down.

I had hit my rhythm again and was posting frequently again and then I got sick... real not swine flu sick (*coughs in disbelief*) regular, old kills 40,000 people a year, flu sick. With all of its greatness! Yep you guessed it the works. I couldn't keep a tablespoon of water in my system for longer than 15 minutes. I actually ended up in the hospital Monday because I was dehydrated like...4 bags of fluid in less than 4 hours dehydrated. As in I cried so they would let me go home and not admit me.

Then Josh was sick (and I had to disinfect again ugh). We did manage to keep the children from obtaining any nastiness (*knocking on wood and saying a prayer*). However all of my mommy friends know that when the mommy is sick the house just don't run they way it needs to.

Then a friend of mine needed someone to take her to the emergency room on Saturday so I sat for ONLY 6 hours this time. I did make lots of progress on a project (blanket) I am working on currently.

Then Sunday happened which was church and lunch with some friends and then some playtime and shopping time. Well Josh beat us home (he got home from work before we got home from playtime). Guess what was discovered by my husband? Are you ready...rotting subfloor, rotting moldy drywall, standing water, and mold. Would you like to know where? Underneath, next too and behind my washing machine. Josh didn't find it until he pulled it out.

This week has been fun. Let me tell you!

There are some rainbows though... Friday I have a doctor's appointment to check on "schmoopie" (don't ask long story) and a girls night out. Which will be involving the container store (yes I am suppppppeeeerrrr excited about this the organizational freak in me has been dreaming about it *feel free to make fun of me now*), coffee more than likely, adult conversation and some kind of sweetness as well with two of my favorite friends ever. So Friday will hopefully be an awesome day.

So I am back...again. I feel like a broken record. Maybe this time real life will knock it's nonsense off.

Till the next post (with pictures I promise)