Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yeah so...

Okay so I am sorry real life just had me busy! Really busy. I love it...every minute of it. Real life that is. Don't get me wrong I have missed blogging and I am trying to reorganize my time to try and fit more time for this. I want to have a place to look back and go oh yeah that is it! That is what we did then.

This little phase in my life is just something else right now. Between the babies, the husband, the house and the job it is time consuming. Crazy right? Why would that be time consuming?

I am trying to figure out how to get my house back to normal. All of the construction is interesting. Keeping a positive attitude about it I know it will be lovely when it is finished and hopefully with more storage and more functionality as well.

The children are fun and trying. Hudson is a button pusher and testing limits is what he does best. He is at a time in his little life that he needs to learn the rules and boundaries and pushing past them is well his idea of fun at the moment. Leanna is sassy and bossy but sweet and kind. They keep me on my toes and make me smile.

The job well that is simply a necessity. An evil necessity to be honest. I wish that staying at home was a possibility right now and I miss it soooo much. But right now it is required that I go in and put in a hard and good day's work. The kids are understanding thank goodness but every once in a while it makes me sad to hear Leanna say she wishes I didn't have to work.

So yeah this is not what my idea of normal was supposed to be at this point in the game. But...we are making it work. Some days are a LOT harder than others and some just seem to be well... normal.

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