Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So I thought I was back....

So yeah I came back with a vengeance only to have Real Life totally smack me back down.

I had hit my rhythm again and was posting frequently again and then I got sick... real sick...no not swine flu sick (*coughs in disbelief*) regular, old kills 40,000 people a year, flu sick. With all of its greatness! Yep you guessed it the works. I couldn't keep a tablespoon of water in my system for longer than 15 minutes. I actually ended up in the hospital Monday because I was dehydrated like...4 bags of fluid in less than 4 hours dehydrated. As in I cried so they would let me go home and not admit me.

Then Josh was sick (and I had to disinfect again ugh). We did manage to keep the children from obtaining any nastiness (*knocking on wood and saying a prayer*). However all of my mommy friends know that when the mommy is sick the house just don't run they way it needs to.

Then a friend of mine needed someone to take her to the emergency room on Saturday so I sat for ONLY 6 hours this time. I did make lots of progress on a project (blanket) I am working on currently.

Then Sunday happened which was church and lunch with some friends and then some playtime and shopping time. Well Josh beat us home (he got home from work before we got home from playtime). Guess what was discovered by my husband? Are you ready...rotting subfloor, rotting moldy drywall, standing water, and mold. Would you like to know where? Underneath, next too and behind my washing machine. Josh didn't find it until he pulled it out.

This week has been fun. Let me tell you!

There are some rainbows though... Friday I have a doctor's appointment to check on "schmoopie" (don't ask long story) and a girls night out. Which will be involving the container store (yes I am suppppppeeeerrrr excited about this the organizational freak in me has been dreaming about it *feel free to make fun of me now*), coffee more than likely, adult conversation and some kind of sweetness as well with two of my favorite friends ever. So Friday will hopefully be an awesome day.

So I am back...again. I feel like a broken record. Maybe this time real life will knock it's nonsense off.

Till the next post (with pictures I promise)


smac said...

oh, Shay!! I'm SO sorry for all the craziness. Yikes!! And water and mold behind your washer??? So, sorry!

I'm too very excited about Friday! I can't wait for us all to catch up and have lots of fun. I'm bringing my camera with me to the container store so I can take pictures of the things I want so I can show Will. :) There's several things I'm hoping to price out.
Can't wait! I'm counting down the minutes and praying I make till Friday.
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Sarah? A camera to the container store? Nice. :) lol

I'm so sorry the big, fat storm you're weathering, Shay! hang in there! I'm so glad you're feeling better. I'm thankful your kids didn't get sick too and the baby is doing OK. And thank God your husband found the floor nastiness before your machines plummeted to their death below! (how did he discover this problem, by the way? seems random that he would look at the floor in the laundry room??)

See you ladies Friday! :)

Shaybplus3 said...

Actually he smelled something when he came home (he beat me home that night) and thought he had forgotten to switch over the laundry like I had asked him to before he went to bed (the night before) so he went to go do it. When he got there he realized that I had figured out he forgot and switched it myself so he was trying to figure out what the smell was. So he was looking for a dead rodent and pulled the washing machine out to see if something and gotten behind there... low and behold...mold, rotting nastiness. Thank goodness for the "lucky" look!