Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leanna's finished Easter dress.

It was a lot of work. Relearning my hemming skills. Once I really pounded it out (and ripped it apart twice) it turned out nice I think for the first time sewing in like 10 years so you know.

I finished it and she loved wearing her pretty polka dot dress. She kept spinning and touching it and flouncing her skirt. She acted very girly. Not something Leanna does on a regular basis.

It was a good Easter day. And just because I can and my son is so stinking cute. Here they are sitting outside together (Leanna had a jacket on cause well it was cold outside!

Tell me that isn't a handsome boy? Next time you see him ask him to wink at you. Better yet if he is wearing his hat let him greet you ladies. He tips his hat and says "Hi Ma'am". Yeah ladies anything he wants.


smac said...

Ok, so I'm laughing out loud at Hudson!! I can't wait to see him and I really hope he has his little cow boy hat on. He is TOO cute!!

And Leanna's dress turned out AWESOME!! She looks beautiful! Way to go super mom!!

Anonymous said...

The guy behind Leanna in the pic of just her in her dress cracks me up!

Great job, Shay! I hope you guys had a great Easter! The kids look adorable!