Monday, April 20, 2009

Well I finally took the plunge...

I did it. Sarah, Casey you will be sooooo proud of me. I finally made my own laundry detergent. It was ridiculously easy and it works awesome.

I also made my own fabric softener. It was amazingly simple. Josh loves that it cleans the same as our beloved "store" stuff and smells just as good if not better. Cause now I control the smell not Gain!

It is wonderful... A few pictures...
Getting started.

Our new fabric softner, vinegar, water and VO5 conditioner Kiwi Melon. Smells just like Gain and sunshine!

Then well I am pregnant and I was hungry so I made myself some Mac-N-Cheese.

Mixing and chopping and turning it into a fine powder in the food processor.

The finished project and our new container. It is "HUGE" and takes up so much room. *winks*


smac said...


Isn't it great!!! And it is ridiculous how cheap it is and even better how well it really works. I'm never goin back. :) I've had my box of Borax and washing soda for over 9 months now and only about half the borax is gone. :) And I've used it for other things too.

Yay!! I'm glad you took the plunge.
And now you won't have to buy the really expensive baby detergent because this stuff is hypoallergenic. Of course it doesn't have that fresh baby smell, but if you like that you could make a batch of fabric softener with baby conditioner. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Go Shay! Aren't you so happy you did? It took me forever to get around to making the stuff, but now that I do, I LOVE it! I need to crunch the numbers some day on how much $ I'm saving ... it's ridiculous!

And, yes, I've been using the detergent for Elliott and had no problems. And he's a sensitive little guy! The Borax is a really good stain remover to pre-soak stuff too. Helps with all those poop stains. (yuck)