Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alive... and Well I think.

I have been very busy the past few weeks. I am hoping to update in the next few days of all of our crazy activities.

Most importantly though I have been growing a small person! Newest addition to the Brewer family shall arrive in October. I am not sick with this small person like I was with my previous two small people. I am however, EXHAUSTED. Nine o'clock hits and I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Matter a fact there have been a few moments (warning TMI alert) that by 8:30 Shay can be found in the recliner feet propped up with her head lagging and a small pool of drool gathering on her shirt. *Blushes*

We have had trips to the circus, birthday parties, Easter gatherings, play-dates along with so much more. All the craziness hasn't helped the exhaustion. Two small people certainly don't allow for lots of rest so bed time = early is definitely the answer for me right now.

Hopefully though that will be subsiding soon and I can get back to a regular schedule. I have TONS of stuff that needs to get done. Shopping, cleaning, organizing and catching up. So if anyone who reads this blog wants to "borrow" the small people that belong to me or just come over and assist in the catching up of things. Shay is not below/above asking/receiving help right now. *Grin*

I have missed blogging though and I am excited to get back to it. I am not talented in the writing department but it is an outlet that I do enjoy.

Hope you guys still occasionally check in and read. Cause (insert scary music here followed with evil laugh) I'm baaaaacccckkk!



Anonymous said...

i'm glad you're back! i've been checking! :) and have i mentioned i'm very excited for you to have another baby???? cuz i am. just a little. :)

smac said...

Yay!!!! She's back!!! Can't wait to see all the fun things your family has been up to.
Hang in there and keep getting the rest you need!! If it makes you feel any better I'm not prego and still can't keep my eyes open by 9. :)

Shaybplus3 said...

I am pretty excited too. Nervous beyond all belief but nervous too. We are starting from scratch so slightly freaking out. The kids (okay really mostly Leanna) are through the stinking roof. I am glad I am back too I have missed blogging. Alot.