Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brewer Family 1 Dirty Van 0

And the Gold Medal of super cool van cleanliness goes to.... THE BREWER FAMILY... the Americans take the GOLD!!! (okay so I have been watching the Olympics what can I say)

This month so far (and the end of last month) has been very busy for us Brewers. Thus meaning we have lived in the van. We have eaten in the van, we have gotten dressed in the van, undressed in the van, played in the van and even slept in the van. (Thank God for the van by the way her name is Bella in case I refer to her that way). Mostly this has been the kids that have done the above mentioned, however, I have to admit in several of those mom has taken apart of (especially taking my shoes off after work I hate high heels).

However when we get home from said trips it seems like the trash never quite makes it where it needs to be or the shoes or the shirts or the toys or the blankets and sadly sometimes even the sippy cups.

Now those of you who know me well know that I have a serious case of germaphobanisms… (yes it is a word I just made it up). For some reason this does not transfer to my vehicle. Do not ask me why it just doesn’t.

So last night after the kids were safely tucked into bed. We began the process. Josh would go through the stuff and decide what needed to come in and what needed to be thrown away (aka trash, bags, any yucky gross meal on the go toys that we can get rid of when the kids aren’t looking those kinds of things) and then he would bring the remainder into me to be wiped down (with Lysol and Clorox and such) ie., toys and sunglasses and headbands and such, washed ie., clothes, socks, sometimes shoes (muddy and stuff), blankets and sippy cups, or put away or filed, such as paperwork that fell out of the bag o’everything (a post on this later), purse, mailbox set down (you know when you check the mailbox{ours is not at our house but down the street} and forget to grab all of it or leave the junk mail sitting there cause you’ll “get it later” and then later never happens). Sorry that was a bit of a rambling run-on wasn’t it?

Then while I was doing that Josh took the van my baby Bella (we love her very much) and vacuumed her out.

So today August 13, 2008 began victorious with a clean vehicle. And tonight I shall hopefully whip the home front into glorious shape again as well.

I shall emerge VICTORIOUS! OR at least I sure hope so.

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