Friday, August 15, 2008



Happy Friday to all!

I love Fridays. As much as I hate Tuesdays (see post) I LOVE Fridays.

Fridays are special in a couple different ways. The first is the obvious it means that my work week has ended! And that I have two days of glorious freedom from my desk and responsibilities (at work that is) and crazy engineers who have not enough time in their day or mine to “make it happ’n”.

The second reason is Josh is off work on Friday’s this can mean several things...1. My house will b e trashed when I return to it but the kids will have been played with, 2. My house will be clean but my children will be crabby because Daddy made them be still all day to not mess the house up, 3. The house will be straightened up and the kids will be in a pretty good mood. Those are usually the closest to what I come home to.

So why do I like Fridays you ask?
Because Daddy is home it now makes it possible when volleyball starts in 3 weeks (YEAH!!! for exercise and for God’s favorite sport at least I think it is) and I can say yes and not feel guilty, so I can play and have fun and have quality time to myself and to allow my body to work some kinks out or obtain some more kinks which ever way you look at it.


Because Daddy is home which means unless I have to do something I don’t always have to go straight home after work. Which is nice. I have the kids the other 6 days of the week so it is really nice to meander home and stop along the way if I so choose. (Fear not good friends volleyball is only from Sept 5th - Nov. 21st so before and after for the following:)

So why am I announcing this to the Blog World Wide? Because if you are reading this it probably means we are friends and in which case I am hoping you will see this and think... Hey Shay isn’t busy on Fridays anymore...we should grab a cup of joe (java, mocha, latte, hotness, sweet relief, caffeine, go juice), lets window shop, I don’t care but let me know if you want to hang because as of now Friday’s are usually all mine!

In the words of Hudson “Woot Woot Beep Beep”!

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