Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Every Good Boy Does Fine

A couple of months ago someone purchased (through silent bids) the church piano for my children. Anonymously. I have no idea who gifted my children with such a special thing. I can "pluck" a tune out and can read music but a pianist I am not.

Enter my wonderful friend Melissa (Leanna and Hudson call her Aunt Mel). She however plays the piano beautifully. She offered to give Leanna piano lessons for FREE! Just so she could spend some time with the kids. So we go on Thursdays for piano lessons and afterwards we all go swimming together at her apartment complex. It is a great night filled with fun and laughter and learning. Leanna is still a little young as far as when Mel likes to start lessons (usually around age 6) but she thought she would give it a shot and Leanna has surprised both of us with her eagerness to learn and her ability to retain the information.

Some pictures from lessons...

Leanna and Aunt Mel.

Learning to read the notes.

Her with her fingers positioned and playing.

Hormonal mommy moment warning: I look at the little hand and I get teary eyed just thinking about all the new things she has been doing and learning. Yet I still can remember her chubby baby hand reaching for something. Now it is learning to play music. Amazing how fast the years go by. Sad and wonderful and amazing.

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smac said...

Ok, so seriously you had my eyes all watery by the end of your post! :) So, fun!!! And how incredible that someone gifted you with a piano! How AWESOME!! I'm jealous in a good way. :)
I'm all for kids learning music early! There little brains really can hold so much. Music is such an important foundation for so many things! Go Leanna!