Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday....I like it alot!

So this button above me is a really cool idea that MckMama came up with. So here is my first shot at it. If you would like to join in please feel free and comment and let me know so I can come and visit yours and relive and laugh at your craziness...

Here goes...

I did not take a shower yesterday morning to get ready for church and come out and find Hudson sans, pants, shoes, socks and diaper with a trail of urine up and down my hallway.

I did not lose my cool and yell at the children.

I did not have my daughter pray for me in her Sunday school class. In that same story line I did not have Leanna's sunday school teacher come up to me and say "Leanna's prayer request this morning was that her momma would be nicer to her and Hudson".

I did not proceed in going home and having a good pouting session until my husband came home.

I also did not proceed to eat 4 chocolate chip cookies (that my wonderful husband Josh made) knowing full good and well that I am on a diet.

So just to give you and idea that was just my Sunday. Since the son was half naked there will be no pictures with this post. So I hope you enjoyed a good laugh because at least today I can laugh at it. Seriously. Yesterday I just pouted and well cried a little too....

Happy Monday!


Staci said...

Those kids can be stinkers about their clothes can't they? I hope today has been better so far. I love Not Me Monday too.

Kendra ;) said...

That KILLS me about the prayer request! Love your Not Me's!