Friday, February 6, 2009

Sobbing... At work...

Treasure this time. Absorb as much into your memory as you can, because these days will end. Believe it or not, you're going to miss the chaos. You're going to miss the noise. You're going to miss the fingerprints on the windows. You're going to miss the look on their face when they go all day without going potty in their pants and they declare themselves a big boy/girl. You're going to miss reading "I think I can and I Love You Forever" 25 times a day, and you're going to miss the silliness that goes along with sweet, simple childhood.

Oh my gosh... *sniffs* *smiles*

Thank you God for letting me be a mommy please don't let me miss it. Let my eyes be open. Let me know that I have some amazing kids. Allow me to raise them to love you and trust you. Remind me to love them.

I read this today and let me tell you I am having a rough time of it. I am not sure why. Hudson potty trained this week. Leanna is learning to read. She did a math workbook this week and didn't really need my help. They were asked to help at church on Wednesday night and they did it without batting an eyelash or giving an attitude. Oh dear Jesus slow it down. It is going way toooo fast. Slow down clock. Please they are sooo big already. Slow. Down. Please.


smac said...

ok, now you have me crying!! It does go by way too fast!
My prayer would be the same as yours; may I cherish every moment whether chaotic or peaceful or somewhere in between.
I just had similar thoughts as I was thinking about how our jobs as parents is to really work ourselves out of a job. They will always need us because we'll always be mommy, but it will change over time. It's sad and good all at the same time. We want the moments to last, but as they are doing new things, growing, and learning it means somehow we're doing our job.
ahhhh!! Thanks Shay!! Now I need a tissue!!

Anonymous said...

God totally put this same thought in my head as I was putting Mia back in time out for the 20th time today (while Elliott was screaming on my shoulder). I so need to live more in the moment! It's good to have these reminders.

now as my back is aching and my arm is burning from holding this baby all day, I'm gonna go kiss his little head and watch him sleep for a while.