Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

I haven't done this for while and I miss it. Also seeing as how I had some Doozies of Not Me's this week it seemed like the perfect time to start it back up. Check over at MckMama's for me Not Me's to laugh along with!

So without further ado I welcome you to a free mommy therapy session affectionately referred to as ....

I most certainly did not tell Hudson that if he would be still I would let him sleep in bed with me just so I could get the remaining 2 hours (out of 4) sleep without having to get him a cup of juice/water/milk or listen to him destroy play with everything he could get his hands on until I woke up. No my children always stay in their rooms in their beds until I arise graciously and in a great mood wishing the night had been longer and tell them it is time to wake up!

I did not catch Leanna picking her nose to have her tell me, "Mom sometimes they get stuck and you just can't blow them out." My daughter knows that that is disgusting and germy and just plain gross!

I did not tell Hudson that he could pee in the park behind a tree because there wasn't a stinking bathroom within a mile of where we were a place for him to go to the potty and he refused to put a pullup on and do his business in his pants. I would never allow much less assist in the act of public urination, even behind a tree.

I did not tell my children the other day that I was going to tie them together if they couldn't figure out how to play nicely together. Because my children always play wonderfully together while trying to gauge each others eyeballs out because they each want the same stinking toy and can't take turns and I never have to use silly threats to make them love each other.

So there is the week of wonder in our home. I hope you enjoy it and chuckle as we are all just trying to be honest and survive in this world of raising little people to live another day to become thriving adults. If you enjoyed this please join in over at MckMama's for more free therapy!

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