Friday, February 27, 2009


Sorry I haven't been around in a little bit. I have been sooo sleepy after work and kids and home and life that 5 minutes after I have tucked Leanna and Hudson in for night-night time I have been found snoring. I know not an attractive picture right?

Tiredness. Oh how tired I am. So busy with life and work and home and babies and husband. I just can't seem to rest enough. So this week off has been nice but I promise I am returning. Tonight would be the return to the blog. The rest of the week I will be playing blog catch-up.



smac said...

I LOVE YOU Shay!! I'm praying lots of rest will find it's way to you. :)
You don't happen to be tiered for other reasons do you??? ;)

Anonymous said...

he he - you're funny sarah :)

i'm glad you were wise and took a break. but i'm looking foward to seeing your catch up process :)