Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunday Night Service

I am so blessed to have musically inclined friends. I am much more so blessed that both of these ladies I am talking about have come down and lead worship on Sunday Nights for our church's Sunday Night Service (which happens once a month). They are so very talented and I love their heart for worship and that they so willingly give of their time and talents. Not just my girl friends but their husband's too. Did I happen to mention I am blessed.

So anyway... The Good family agreed to come down and do the worship service this time and it was such an awesome time. The music was great and getting to visit with my friends was such an added bit of awesomeness. Leanna and Lily (Will and Sarah's daughter is just a few weeks younger than Leanna) are such good little friends too. Leanna is still talking about her time with Lily.

Well the whole gang also went out for some scrumptious dinner/breakfast after service was over to. We found out that at IHOP (bless them that was a lot of little people and big people) they have kids eat free so a whole gaggle of us hopped over there to continue our fellowship and hang time with each other...

Some photos of our time together....

This is my friend Beth with her little daughter Aubrey who is a two months younger than Hudson.

This is my stack of delicious Chocolate Chocolate Chip pancakes (that I didn't even finish half of). Hudson called them Brownies!

Leanna and Lily digging into their stacks of pancakes. For it being so late in the day they were both excellent at the restaurant.

This is Will and Sarah with their youngest little Eva... who I could just eat up all day she is soooo stinking cute!

Last but not least Hudson deciding to eat a lemon... WHOLE... yep that's my boy.

Thanks again Sarah and family. It was awesome to spend some time with you... oh and Sarah brought me laundry detergent (homemade), yep she did, cause we are friends like that and that is just how we roll.


smac said...

We had a great time!!! Thank you so much for inviting us to come. We're looking forward to doing it again soon. Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

"that's how we roll" - hehe :)

your "brownies" looked yummy!