Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Boy!!!

I am proud and happy to say that I am the momma of a newly potty trained little boy. Hudson has been wearing big boy "unnerwears" for a full week now.

We are still wearing pull ups at night but during the day we are 100% using the potty. Can I get a woot woot beep beep!!!

I would show pictures but I am afraid of getting weirdo's looking for like the wrong things to be directed to here. So instead I will leave you with the image of this momma doing the happy what I like to call no more diapers dance...you wave your hands in the air above your head then... you do a dance similar to the Carlton (yes from fresh prince), followed with the sprinkler move (yes I sprinkler and so do my children) and you ended it with a big smile and some jazz fingers.

Peace out from one excited momma


smac said...

Yay Hudson!! Yay Shay!! What a HUGE blessing!

Anonymous said...

you crack me up, shay! i think this dance should be recorded. Well, I atleast want to see it.

Yay Hudson!!! Such a big boy! I'm proud! :)