Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Okay so I lied...

Valentine's Day Part 2

The "sneak peek I gave you yesterday? Yeah...about that... Not going to be in today's post. Sorry.

Saturday morning we went to paint pottery. My friend Jessica took all of her older nieces and nephews to a store called:

The kids did a great job and really enjoyed getting to paint there plates however they wanted and getting to pick there colors. I will be interested in seeing them when they are finished. You get to leave them there and then they will glaze them and fire them in the kilns so that they are shiny and pretty and you can eat off of them and everything (you know safely). It was a fun day.

Leanna impressed me with how diligently she worked on hers.

The finished products with Aunt Jessica.

Cadence and Garrett's plates were very well done too. It was a great way to start our Valentine's Day.

Stay tuned to hear about the final of our V-Day and our weekend. I think I can squeeze the rest into one post!


Anonymous said...

Very fun! I think Sarah needs that shirt.

smac said...

What an awesome place! Leanna's plate looks great!
Yes, that shirt does kind of fit our family.

Shaybplus3 said...

It was sooo much fun. We had a great time.