Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Geography Lesson...okay it really is a game.

So you think you know geography? Okay so maybe you didn't say that... however I did. I have always been pretty decent at it. I loved learning about new places and the capitals of our states and the different weather patterns of the area. I loved knowing it was snowing in Missouri but in Hawaii they could be surfing right then. I know that makes me a dork. I am proud that I am a dork. I hope my children are dorks too. So ha.

I found this website that gives you the opportunity to prove your dorkiness smarts in geography. I am shamed to say that in all of my love for geography I was only able to score 82%. So I thought I would link it up and allow you guys (the whole three of you) to show me their dorkiness knowledge in knowing where the states belong in the USA.

So click on the above link and leave me your score in the comments section. *Winks* It isn't as easy as it looks or sounds.


Anonymous said...

i got 94% - that was more tricky than i thought it would be!

Shaybplus3 said...

Casey that is awesome! Yeah it was trickier. I thought it was going to be sooo easy. I stink in New England by the way!