Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

So I have been on a bit of an unintentional break due to the holidays and work and a few interesting things that have been going on in the Brewer household. Promise updates in the near (I hope) future.

Today's post is to look back and remember the good and the blessings we had in 2008.

In January - We brought in 2008 with a bang. Josh decided that shortly he was going to be coming off of the road and be home with us.

In February - I became an Auntie again when Zavian was born. I also started this blog.

In March - March was a fun month we had a great Easter! Lots of dying of Easter Eggs and Candy (of course). Something that would change our lives beyond what we could imagine is that Josh stopped going over the road. He quit. This was a scary time too as we had to go from one income to no-income and trust. (We know the issues Shay has with this).

In April - Josh found a job and started working for Charter and we celebrated Daddy's 25th birthday with specially made cupcakes and his favorite spaghetti dinner.

In May - I started working full time again to make ends meet for the time being. Josh is already well on his way of making it possible for me to stay at home again and I am looking forward to being able to do that once again.

In June - We had a busy but fun summer. The kids had a rough adjustment period to mommy not being with them all the time. We enjoyed trips to the zoo and to the pool and to the park.

In July - We had a great 4th of July with fireworks (which Hudson decided he did not like at ALL). Lots more swimming this month Hudson loves the water. Leanna started to learn how to hold her breath and put her head under water.

In August - We of course had a crazy month this month is pretty much my family's birthday month. We had birthday parties galore this month. Leanna turned 4 which is of course a sad and happy moment all in one. I turned 25. Leanna also had her first sleepover. Which was a complete success.

In September - We had a pretty busy month too. Hudson turned 2. The kids had a swinging time at their birthday party. I got to have a wonderful visit with some girlfriends of mine (who I miss and need to do a better job of keeping in touch with miss you "S" and "C") and Josh and I "celebrated" 5 years of marriage with movies and popcorn on the couch night *Smile*. Who thought we would be where we are 5 years later. Leanna and Hudson were also the flower girl and ring bearer in a wedding.

In October - The kids had an awesome Halloween and we went to several pumpkin and apple picking adventures. I love the fall time soooo much. It was a good month and having Josh there to take part of all of these things was soooo much fun.

In November - I got tired of the political nonsense and was glad to have it over with. Thanksgiving was very low key for us this year. We did enjoy getting to see my sister over the Holiday that was lots of fun. We got to spend time with some friends of ours and give to a very special mission Operation Christmas Child. Leanna worked very hard to pick out fun and pretty things for her little girl. Also baby "E" came into the world YAY for the "N" family. I haven't seen him in person yet (going to change soon! don't hate me "C") but his pictures sure are cute!

In December - We had a wonderful Christmas and I will post pictures soon. We had a good time with all of the different functions. Leanna was perfect in her Christmas play and remembered all of her lines and her little snippet of her song she sang with no stage fright or anything it was awesome. Our friends the "G" family welcomed baby "D" which Leanna and Hudson are already in love with.

A good year. An amazing year. I am thankful for so much. I hope the 3 readers I have also enjoyed an amazing year. So much has happened and yet so much yet to come.

Blessings and HAPPY NEW YEAR from,

The Brewers
Josh, Shay, Leanna and Hudson


Anonymous said...

Awww - good pic of you guys!! Don't worry - I don't hate you for not meeting the baby yet :) He doesn't look like a newborn anymore though ... (sniff) But he'll be happy to meet you whenever that happens!

I like your year-in-review idea! (I think I shall swipe it for my blog! mwahahahaha!) It's so amazing to look back over the year, see where you have been, how God has worked and been so faithful and good. Love it! So glad it's been a blessed year for your family! May 2009 be even better!

smac said...

That's a wonderful pic Shay!! You all look great!

Can't wait to hear about all the other new news in your life right now. You definitely have me intrigued, especially by your comment about maybe being able to stay home again. :) Fun stuff!!

Hope you guys are doing well and that you have a wonderful start to 2009. Can't wait to see you hopefully sometime soon!!