Sunday, January 4, 2009

The New Year Arrives...And No Post?

So sorry been slacking again. I have had a pretty weird holiday. Sorry.

I am not the "resolution making type". I think they are awesome. I also think that I suck at them and don't like the stench of failure. Call me crazy.

There are some things that I wanted to accomplish in 2008 and I think I was pretty successful.

Couponing I have been kicking butt and takin' names with coupons this year!
Best shopping trip was a grocery trip the cashier rang me up: 167.67 was the total I handed my STACK of coupons and paid OOP! 53.26 and he gave me 30 dollars worth of coupons off of my next shopping trip. Pretty stinking awesome.

The BIG one I quit smoking. (I gained 25 pounds doing it :( and am incredibly embarrased by this.) I have been smoke free since September 24th 2008. Yahooo.

I started back at my gym and so far had lost 12 pounds (I think I am up a few with the holidays making total weight loss like 6 but hey...)

Those were some successful things. Here are a few things I would like to be successful in this year.

More weight loss I am working on 20 pounds more. We will see if I get there. Not stressing cause it don't help but working on it.

I want to be less freak outish. I have some pretty great kids. I freak out WAAYYYYY to much. The playdoh colors can be mixed it won't kill anyone. The want to draw a picture on the screen door when it is frosted over what is it going to hurt minus the fact that I need to re-windex the window. So less freak out. Makes sense if you know me I promise.

I want to spend more time with my husband. I miss him and he is FINALLY at home now!!! We need to find someone who rocks our world with the whole babysitting thing. Either that or I am starting a swap night with some friends or something cause I love that hunk that I call husband he is pretty freakin' terrific.

I want to be slower. I mean stop RUSHING. Life is sooooo fast around me. I am missing some stuff trying to be the one to keep up all the time. So saying NO more often is a top thing on my priority list. Missing things is rough and I am already missing alot because of work. So I am definately going to start making the most of the littler things and stop rushing Leanna and Hudson. If bedtime is a little late because dinner took longer on the stove, I am NOT skipping that bedtime story. Slowness = big one this year!

I need to focus on the friendships that count cause here lately I have been feeling used. I want to make sure I am not making others feel this way. I want to make friendships that LAST. I have lost touch with some pretty awesome ladies and I am hoping to reconnect with them and to hopefully make a few more friends and to also tell the friends people who are using me and not really caring for me and my family where they can sit to catch the next bus. I want to have some friends that I can look back with on this crazy part of my life and laugh and have memories and share things with. Godly friendships would be extra super special. I am not wording this well sorry. I want ladies that I can laugh with, cry with and truly feel as though we are there for each other.

God. I want to be closer to Him and truly know that I am listening for His plan for me and my family. I want to pray and talk to Him more and read and study and praise and sing. I want to not be so afraid to make Him so prominent in my life. I want to love like Him.

These are a few of those things that matter to me this year. I am refocusing me. That sums it up pretty nicely.


smac said...

Great goals my friend! And way to go on ALL you've accomplished this last year. I'm super impressed with your couponing deal you mentioned. Coupons can be so addicting and I love them! :) Plus, I'm so proud of you for giving up smoking!!! Yay!!

You'll do great this next year on all your goals!

Anonymous said...

you're awesome! keep going on the no-smoking/weight loss from last year! And the coupon triumphs - so awesome!

I'll be praying for you as you begin to renew your mind/heart this year. So many hard things to learn, but such great things to strive for!!