Friday, January 9, 2009


TYGF.. Thank You God For...

This is my simple way to ensure I am remembering simple and small or complicated and big things from my week or day or month and saying thank you. It is hard to worry and stress about the things going wrong or going without when you are focusing on being thankful for the blessings you DO have! So without further ado...

Todays TYGF is....

I am thankful for Blocks. We love blocks at my house. We build so many fun things with them. We love to build and knock them down and oh you guessed it build again.

Hudson is into the how tall can I stack them phase.

Leanna is into the lets make a castle with them phase.

Either way it is tons of fun and we can spend hours (thankful for several sets) playing and enjoying each other as long as they work on different projects and I remain the Overseer of the blocks and working together or separately with their blocks.

So God if you happen to cross my blog today. Thanks for creating the person whose talents and gifts gave us "the average joes" *winks* (kids and adults) blocks. We love them so much and they provide hours of clean and easy fun.

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