Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weight loss Challenge!

So I am ready to pull my hair out! I am hoping this is the "water" weight (if you know what I mean) this time because seriously arggghhhh.

So I am weighing in at 238. Not quite sure what the heck is up with that. Considering I have gone to the gym a few of times in the past 2 weeks (or has it been 3 since I checked in???) I haven't even been eating bad or anything. I have had a couple of sodas (I know that's bad but can't completely deny myself that caffeine), and 2 cheat meals in like 2 weeks (which is normal they say one cheat meal a week)...

Back to the drawing board have to work on it some more I guess. Tonight is church night. Luckily tonight is taco night so it is pretty healthy compared to some of the meals they serve. I also will get to chase after Hudson for the evening too so hopefully that will help out as well. Tomorrow is the gym with Jess more than likely and if I can remember to pack my gym bag, I am going to the gym right after work on Friday too. Saturday morning is work out day with Josh and Sunday is my day of rest (cause I probably won't be able to walk by then!!!!).

Here's hoping that this week wields some results.


Anonymous said...

Man, I gain A LOT of water weight at certain time (if you know what i mean). And if I eat something with a lot of sodium the day before I weigh too - shew!

Hang in there! May the sunshine and warm weather inspire and invigorate you today!

Shaybplus3 said...

The Gym calls my name today. Hopefully that will help my "if you know what I mean" kinda attitude today as well!