Monday, January 12, 2009

A phone call, a surprise and a happy little girl!

It all started with a phone call from Josh's Uncle Jim. Why is that important you ask? Let me tell you a story...

I am sitting at work on Thursday and my cell phone rings and it is Josh's Uncle Jim.
His friend Jane has two extra tickets to that nights performance of Disney On Ice. Jane wanted to know if Leanna and I would like to attend. I of course told him to tell Jane I needed to find a sitter first for Hudson until Josh would be able to make it home from work. (A whole lot of work later we worked it out but I won't bore you with those details).

Fast forward a couple of hours. We are getting picked up in front of my Aunt's house by Jane and her granddaughter Sophia (that is how she had extra tickets her grandson and her daughter were supposed to go as well but they were sick).

We were headed to see Disney On Ice. Let me tell you Leanna was sooooo excited.

Ms. Jane also knew were weren't going to be able to make it home before taking Hudson to my Aunt.... so she grabbed an extra princess dress up dress from Sophia's house so Leanna could dress up too. (She is the nicest lady).

The best part??? The most awesome surprise??? WE WERE SITTING ON THE ICE! Leanna was beside herself. We were six seats down from the platform on the corner where the skaters jump up and dance and wave and everything it was awesome.

It was magical to watch my little girl's face. She was so thrilled to be there. It was a wonderful gift and a treat. If you are reading this Ms. Jane Leanna has yet to stop talking about it! Thank you from one thankful momma and one super treated little girl.

*Note blogger won't upload the pictures for some reason. I will attempt to post those either later today or tonight when blogger stops misbehaving*

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smac said...

That is SO awesome!! I can't wait to see the pictures. What an awesome surprise and blessing!