Friday, January 16, 2009


TYGF.. Thank You God For...

This is my simple way to ensure I am remembering simple and small or complicated and big things from my week or day or month and saying thank you. It is hard to worry and stress about the things going wrong or going without when you are focusing on being thankful for the blessings you DO have! So without further ado...

Letting me be a mommy. I know that sometimes I complain and whine and lose my temper. But really this being a mommy thing is a pretty awesome gig! I enjoy it more than I ever really let on to. It is difficult sometimes. Oh man the hardest job you have ever entrusted me with ever in my WHOLE life but thank you...

Thank you for trusting me with those sweet little gigantic monsters. Help me to remember through the craziness that this time is a gift. Help me to remember to hug and love them even when I am frustrated and feel like I don't have a hair on my head left to pull out.

Thank you for their rambunctious spirits. Help me to remember that their energy is your answer to my waistline prayers and issues and to get up and move with them and not say in a minute.

Thank you for their learning attitudes. Help me to remember they aren't big and that a question "why?" is a quest and a thirst for knowledge and remind me how often I question things myself.

Thank you for their sweetness and love. Help me to remember that when Leanna calls me into her bedroom for the 15th time at bedtime just to say "Love you Mom" not to be irritated and tired but to climb in bed for that extra snuggle.

Thank you for their stubbornness. Help me to remember that when Hudson is determined to do something on his own that it IS okay to be 10 minutes late to work or church or wherever to see that look of accomplishment on his face when he completes his task.

Thank you God for allowing me this job of greatness called Mommy, mother, momma, mom. Let me guard it with a fierce heart and a kindness my YOUR children deserve. Remind me, whisper to me and smack me upside the head should I ever forget how lucky I truly am.

Join me this week in telling what you are truly thankful for.


Anonymous said...

I kept meaning to comment on this all day, but I was getting frustrated because the baby was fussy and wanting to be held and I didn't want to type one-handed. again. But then I read your post again, remembered to be thankful for these moments with a cuddly baby and decided to suck it up and type one handed anyway :)

In my haze of sleep deprivation and re-balancing hormones, coming off a long week, I really needed this reminder to be thankful for motherhood. So, thanks, Shay :) It really is such an amazing gift, one I know I don't even begin to comprehend the gravity of yet (but when I start to think about it, it kind of makes me sick to my stomach .... wow ... and then it makes me cry. What a humongeous gift of grace to be entrusted with children.

Now I smell a stinky little blessing ... I should cut this short.

I'm also thankful for showers today. I haven't been able to take one every day this week (yah ...), but, man! In this fridged weather, nothing feels better than stepping into a shower and letting the water beat away the cold. I love it! And I got to enjoy a nice shower this morning. Thank you sleeping Elliott. And PBS Kids.

Shaybplus3 said...

Amen. Showers. Oh. How. I. Love. Them.

Oh I envy you Casey! Okay maybe NOT the stinky blessing OR the sleep deprivation part but the sweet cuddly baby. I do miss that. You such an amazing momma.