Friday, January 23, 2009

I have become the CLICHE mom...

So my biggest fear has come back to bite me in the behind.

Real Life Conversations from this week...


Leanna: "But Mom"

Me: "I said clean your room"

Leanna: "It isn't that dirty"

Me: "Good it shouldn't take long then."


M: "Leanna help your brother put his pajamas on"

L: "Mom I have to get dressed by myself why doesn't Hudson"

M: "Leanna I don't want his pants on his head and his shirt on his butt that's why?"

L: "You aren't putting your pajamas on"

M: "That's because I am the mom"



Hudson: "No"

Me: "Pick up your blocks"

Hudson: "No"

Me: "Pick them up now!"

Hudson: "I don't want to"

Me: "Well I don't want them on the floor PICK THEM UP"

Hudson: "Why?"

Me: "Because I said so"

Those things you swore and promised and BELIEVED you would NEVER say? Yeah right..welcome to being a mom.


Anonymous said...

that's so funny! I've done that so many times then wanted to shove the words right back in my mouth! But .... if we didn't say these wonderful phrases, then our kids would never learn them, would never learn to dread them (as we did), and, in turn, would not be able to have those wonderful, "what in the heck just came out of my mouth?!" moments :) Can't break the cycle!

smac said...

ohhh, how somethings come back to bit ya. :) Don't feel bad I'm in the same boat too. Sometimes I laugh out loud after I do or say something to my kids. Like I remember the first time I actually licked my finger to wipe something off Lily's face. :) Ha!

thehomespunheart said...

Hi Shay -

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We appreciate you visiting our blogs and are so thankful for the community of friends we have there. Hope you have a great weekend!

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