Monday, January 5, 2009

"The special with you"

We were at some friends house last night. The "G" family. They just welcomed a new baby, "D", in the family. (She is pretty stinking cute.)

On the way home (Leanna and Hudson were soooooo tired). Leanna tells me, "Mom thanks for letting us hang today. You yelled at us some when we were bad. But it was pretty special and I love special with you".

Man oh man does that kid know how to ring my bells. I look at that and think about that and I feel two things. I am so glad that she thinks it is still "special" with me. Two did I really yell to much. I am learning on when to yell and when not to yell. See last post on my resolution priority to not "freak out" as much. I hope that my kids don't look at me and see the 3 headed monster that does nothing but discipline and yell and isn't much fun. I mean I want them to be well behaved and sharers and kind but I want them to look at me and see the Mom they can talk to about anything, who helps them and reads stories to them and bakes cookies too.

It is a fine line we walk as moms isn't it ladies? When to scold, when not to? When to stop cleaning and instead build that tower of blocks. When to say forget it and order pizza and watch a movie. When to stick to our guns and realize they need this lesson more than we wish we didn't have too? Oh being a mama is hard hard hard work. But there are moments like "I love special with you" that make all the hard ones sooooo worth it.

I love the "special" with you to Leanna more than I can ever ever ever put into words.


smac said...

That is so cute!! Warmed my little mommy heart. :)
That picture of you and Leanna is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I hope you have it hanging in your house somewhere. :) And just for the record I think she looks like you too, especially as she's getting older. :)

Also, I just found this new book "Don't Make Me Count to Three: A look at Heart Oriented Discipline." I borrowed it from our library and just started reading it last night. So, far it is excellent. Most of it is stuff you probably already know, but it really looks at the "heart" of a child's disobedience, melt down, anger, or whatever else is going on. One of my goals is to also watch my anger especially when it comes to Lily. Usually there outward disobedience or craziness is really something deeper and this book thus far as been great at giving some simple ideas at how to discover what that is. Then children are learning to obey because it's what they "should" do not because mommy might yell at them, bribe them, or put them in time out. Good stuff. Like I said I just started it, but so far I would recommend it. :)

Shaybplus3 said...

Sweet thanks Sarah I have been needing a new book to read so that sounds PERFECT! I know it made me cry a little. Sometimes I think I am to hard and then never hard enough and then she doesn't understand why obeying is important. Momminess is soooo hard.

smac said...

It is hard!! I often wish it came with a manual. :)