Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 and 4 year check ups...

Okay so I know that Leanna and Hudson were born in August and September (respectively). However for some reason the night time well baby checks book out like 4-6 months. So we just were able to get those taken care of (and minus a bump in the road with Leanna we haven't been to see our wonderful Dr. Mc"Bride" since Hudson was like 18 months old).

So the gist of the visit?

My kids are HUGE!

43 1/2 inches tall
46 pounds
She has 20/40 vision (which I have been informed means awesomeness)

36 1/2 inches tall
34 pounds

They estimate for Hudson at the final status of his height - 6'2"!!!!

Those are some tall babies. The even sadder part of all of this. We had an appointment for Leanna in October and she measured at 42" inches tall which means from October 21 until now she has grown 1 and 1/2 inches. OH MY STINKING GOODNESS. So know you too can feel my pain regarding my children outgrowing clothes. Does anyone know any giant children we can buy hand me downs off of?

Big kids. Wow!


Anonymous said...

May God help you in your quest to keep those kids in jeans. Amen.

Shaybplus3 said...

Oh Casey I laughed so loud my boss looked at me crooked!


smac said...

6'2!! That's crazy! Maybe you'll have a basketball star or two on your hands. :)

They are both beautiful and I'm glad they are healthy and strong.

It's so hard to find clothes for kids without spending a fortune. ahhh!