Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have briefly unburied myself from the medical tubing craziness to inform you we haven't died. We are alive and well.

I will attempt to return to normal all things when I can safely put the medical tubing back where it belongs under the sink and get caught up on Laundry.

Having a "sick" child who isn't really sick. Meaning not contagious and you can still go to work but still have to do all the cleaning that is necessary isn't so fun.

Breathing treatments are lots of fun to give to a kid who apparently has "weak" lungs. For those of you who have met "THE BOY" and have heard him scream or cry for that matter would you have put him in the "weak" lung category?

Another gift of awesomeness from daddy. Oh why weren't my genes stronger?

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Anonymous said...

i'm sorry there's been sickness at your house! yuck! hopefully everyone/thing can get back to normal soon! hang in there, Super-Mommy!