Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday

So... another edition of not me Monday. I enjoy telling my weaknesses as a mom to you. I enjoy reading about others which you can do too at MckMama's blog. It is fun to read about other's struggles and mess ups and enjoy knowing that you "aren't the ONLY one". So have a giggle with me as we enjoy...

I most certainly did not feed Leanna and Hudson frosting and cookies for breakfast on Saturday because that is what they asked me for. I would never do that because I prefer my children to eat healthy and balanced breakfasts. I also did NOT join them in this said breakfast because it of course did NOT look delicious (it also did NOT taste that way).

I also did NOT lay around my house in pajamas ALL weekend long because it felt good. I did NOT allow Leanna and Hudson to stay in their pajamas right along with me. We did NOT lay around and watch movies all day.

My son did not have a large number two accident in his pants (notice I said pants and not diaper or pull up) and leave my husband (who did not JUST arrive home from work) to deal with the cleanup of said child so I could continue visiting with my good friend. No I am the good mama who cleans all children and their messes right up.

I would never proceed in eating cookies and milk after the children have gone to bed and when one beautiful little blonde hair girl snuck back out on the couch with me I did NOT share the wonderful snack with her and not her brother.

I also did NOT turn fourteen shades of red when my daughter proceeded to tell a group of people that her mom farts at home and sometimes (she did not giggle and smile here) it is really loud.

So there you have it blog readers. That is my NOT me Monday. What blog gives you Number Two and flatulence along with cookies and frosting all in one post?

How has your week been?

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smac said...

This is hilarious!! I have a lot of wish it wasn't me moments. :)