Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friends and Family

My children had a great weekend last weekend. I have been blogging about it for the past couple of days. This is another continuation of that same weekend.

We also got to have lots of fun with some friends (that are pretty much like family we spend so much time with them) and family. They all were at the Breakfast with Santa and then later cousins came over and helped "paint" the Gingerbread Houses.

I also got to get some pretty awesome photos (well for being in cruddy lighting conditions with over sugared children) that I laugh looking at. I wanted to share some of them (with the permissison of mommies) with you.

The above picture is of Hudson and Aubrey. They are good buddies. They are also only two months apart in age. They had lots of fun that day. Hudson's face just makes me laugh out loud. So much joy in one little face.

Leanna and Cadence are 2.5 weeks apart in age. They love to hang out and they are soooo dramatic. Sometimes Leanna tells me she wishes she had a sister but that Cadence will "work for now".

And this picture is of the cousins. They had a ton of fun hanging out together that day. I was so pleased with how well the whole process went. (Even later with the gingerbread houses).

I am so thankful. My children haven't been very blessed with much family that takes time to truly know them and who they are. But they have some (what I hope will be) forever friends that love them for just who they are.

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