Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weight loss Challenge!

Good Morning Blog world.

So I didn't win the Biggest Loser for the 6 weeks. Mark did that with a weight loss of 17 pounds which is amazing!

Last week: 232.00

This week 229.6

Which is another weight loss of 2.4 pounds. Bringing my total weight loss to date for six weeks to ..... 12.4 pounds.

I have 30 more to go people. It would be awesome if I could do it for our FINALE on Jan 30. We are weighing again then to see who has lost more or kept it off. So I am pushing for at least another 15 pounds by then. That is an average of 2.3 pounds a week to lose which is something like .65 pounds a day or something like that.

I am going to continue with the weekly weigh-ins for here though. Just to keep me accountable and motivated. Hopefully by January I will be needing to buy new clothes and to motivate myself for that I have been taking 5 dollars a week and hiding it. So I have a starting point for my skinny wardrobe.

Happy Wednesday..

By the way this week also marks my 4 month anniversary of quitting smoking too. I am pretty proud that I have lost weight and quit smoking for those of you who didn't know what jump started the weightloss thing is that in the two months I was "working on" quitting (before I just went cold turkey) I gained 25 pounds. Putting me at the heaviest I have ever been and hence starting these weekly posts of Weight Loss Challenge!

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Anonymous said...

That's a really good idea to stash away $5 a week for new clothes! That would be great motivation for me! Keep up the awesome work! Stay strong this next week - I know Christmas will be tough!