Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A playroom that the kids can actually play in?

So another post I wanted to make sure to get up because I am so proud of it.

Leanna and Hudson have decided they like sharing a room better than sleeping in their own rooms. Every night Josh and I would ask the kids okay where are we sleeping tonight and Leanna and Hudson would put there heads together and discuss it. You could hear them whispering and deciding it was actually pretty cute. They would look at us and say "Sissy's room" or "Hudson's room". So after their birthday party (which we did together this year pictures on that to come as well) we decided that they could just share a room and the other room could be used as a playroom area. So that is exactly what we did.

However when the rooms got switched over it was very late at night and I didn't have the energy left to clean the new playroom. Hence this disaster....

So I got my bottom in gear again (another day though) and got to organizing. Leanna made me so proud that day if it was broken, ripped, missing pieces, colored on, worn out or stained in went in the trash. As well as if neither of the children played with it anymore and it was still in good shape it went in the donation bag for "those childs without stuff right Mom" said Leanna. She was wonderful no crying or sadness. A great day overall. There are still a few things left that still need to be sold at the garage sale we are having soon but for now they are staying in the playroom.

A pretty productive week wouldn't you say?

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smac said...

That is awesome my friend!! And way to go Leanna for being able to part with toys so easily. That's great!!