Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time to Return to Normal...

Things have been a little crazy recently with everything going on. I decided today is the day we are going to return to complete normalcy. I have grown tired of not feeling well and while I still intend on taking things slowly they have to go back to normal.

So tonight we are going back to Wednesday night church. I will not however resume teaching my class until October. (I have to try to steer clear of germies). So I am looking forward to that and so are the babies.

The laundry is still caught up and the laundry room and playroom are still magnificent. However the kitchen needs desperately to be scrubbed and the living room (where I have been living) is screaming to be returned to its regularly scheduled programming. And lets not forget about the bathrooms... okay maybe we can forget about those.

Needless to say continued thoughts and prayers are appreciated as I am still trying to get my body to quit being "silly" as Leanna has been calling it cause I am not "sick". Thanks for everything so far if you read this!


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Casey said...

I'll be praying that things return to "normal" easily for you! I'm glad you're feeling better. Keep up the good recovery :) I know how hard it is to take care of yourself when you have so much else (and many someone elses) that needs to be taken care of too. Hang in there, friend!