Thursday, September 25, 2008

Play time in the PARKING LOT???

I know that sounds bizzare and crazy right? Well we did. The twins (Halee and Keegan) turned two last week and got two super cool power wheels for their birthdays and Leanna and Hudson got their birthday gifts the same weekend. Leanna her first ever big girl bike and Hudson an awesome Tryke. They LOVE them by the way.

So Katy (the mommy to the twins) called and said they were going up to the elementary school's parking lot to let the kids play and stuff did we want to tag along.Well Leanna was already very angry with me for not getting to go Lily's princess party and knew that I would be okay outside (okay so I hoped) and said sure.

Well surprise for us cause Daddy got to go too. So we loaded up the bikes into the back of the van and we headed out.


The kids were so excited to play and have fun and just be themselves and run and act crazy. We rode bikes, trikes, power wheels, we played slide and this weird modern style teeter totter and swings. It was alot of fun. So I will leave you with some pictures.
Here is one of Leanna and her new bike! Riding like a pro.
This is Leanna and Hudson riding the John Deer Power Wheels together.
This is all of us on that modern Teeter Totter thing I was talking about.



Casey said...

Leanna should not be big enough/old enough to ride a BIKE! My goodness! She's getting too big too fast! Looks like lots of fun! We used to ride around the church parking lot when I was little :) Good times!

Shaybplus3 said...

I know I cried a little bit. She finally had to look at me and say "Mom let me ride I am done saying cheese!"