Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Laundry Room Disaster!

Okay so I had some things I wanted to originally post last week but reading the post below you will understand why I didn't get to do that.

My laundry room is the BANE of my existence. I HATE it. I feel like it closes in on me every time I take a step into it. Now I know that living in a mobile home I am lucky to have a room that I can shut the door to. However those that know me know that I like to keep as clean a house as possible with the little ones running around and keeping me incredibly busy.


So I decided to do something about it. I could no longer handle the chaos and since laundry is so a HUGE part of my life right now with me and Josh working and of course Leanna and Hudson always getting dressed (I know a mom who puts clothes on her kids what is that about right? Shouldn't they be allowed to live naked unless it is cold outside?) The before picture is quite literally of just the shelf above everything that wasn't beside or in front of the appliances so just let your imagination run wild.


The above picture is the new and improved laundry room (well the shelf at least). It was a great day. I can walk in there and find what I need know. It is glorious. And luckily it is still that way even after my stint of not being home for 4 days. My husband it a truly wonderful man. He knew how hard I worked on it and he made sure it stayed that way for me. Isn't Josh wonderful? Okay maybe you don't know him like I do but I sure think so :)

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smac said...

Way to go my friend!! You've been an organizing fool. I'm very impressed especially since you've been sick.