Friday, September 26, 2008


Everyone knows I hate the commercialism of Thanksgiving as a matter of fact I hate the way it is portrayed and presented and to be honest celebrated my family doesn't celebrate it in the "conventional" sense!

Thanksgiving we don't cook so much food and go around the table saying what we are thankful for. We try to do that all year round. So we tend to hang around the house and watch movies, relax and enjoy each other. We eat some yummy stuff yes but we have ordered pizza in the past too.

Anyway I have gotten way off topic more on that later... So the whole reason of this is because I believe that people should be thankful and express that thankfulness all year round. So in honor/tribute to that fact Fridays are now my TYGF posts. Thank God It's Friday (TGIF) is now....TYGF or Thank You God For....

And today's TYGF is that I am so thankful for my kids. I know you are thinking obvious answer right very generic... Well here is the specifics. (Sorry in advance for the lengthiness of it all).

I have stopped grocery shopping (minus bread and milk) except for once a month. It works for us. Josh hangs with the kids and I go shop. Well yesterday was THE day. I had my lists and my stores and my coupons and I was ready right? Well not completely. Josh had to work late... so I braved the storm of crazy ($10 off days at Shop-N-Save) shoppers with BOTH children. My kids are pretty well behaved they have their moments though...and well a grocery store isn't always the best place for them at 7:00 at night to display that. (I ended up consolidating to one store which meant spending a little more but... for me and them it was worth it).

We got the fancy racing car cart and everything trying to make it easier on them (and me truth be told). Problem was there was only one seat belt and horror of all horrors one steering wheel. I am thinking "Are you kidding me?" They amazed me and made me feel like maybe I am doing okay as my role as mama. Leanna looks at me and says "Its okay mama Hudson can drive." My jaw dropped I was flabbergasted. So Leanna became my official list holder. As we gathered our items (from 3 different lists) she got to mark them off. Well half way through this trip (that last an hour and a half) Hudson looks at Sissy and says "Sissy want turn?" Jaw hit floor this time. So they quietly and agilely switched places. Hudson leans over and says "Kiss sissy?" They gave each other lovins right there in the store. I was amazed and slightly teary eyed. They never once asked for anything not on the list and when they were choosing which yogurt and yogurt drinks they wanted they each got to pick one they wanted. No fighting no anything they discussed (which was hilarious) and decided.

One proud mama here I must say. One very thankful and humbled mama. They love each other. Even through the fights, the "that's mine"'s, the hitting and hair pulling. Somewhere in there, there is also love. Thank you God. Thanks!

So what are you thankful for on this Friday?


Casey said...

That is so cute! Your stories always give me hope that my two will one day (hopefully in the not so distant future) like and love each other. :)

What am I thankful for today? At the moment - PBS! :) I woke up exhausted today and it's been a huge blessing to be able to not rush out the door, drink a cup of coffee, and let Mia watch her shows on PBS. Her favorite right now is Super Why, which is awesome! She is doing great at interacting with it - finding the letters and "helping" and dancing :) It's great educational fun!

Shaybplus3 said...

Casey! We love that show too. Hudson is really funny when watching it. Have you tried Word World. It is another super fun and letter oriented show that we really enjoy too! You will find yourself singing along with the "Build a Word" song :)

I am sorry you are exhausted I hope your energy perks back up. Baby Eli must be needing some extra stuff today!

smac said...

I was so nervous about going from one kid to two, but I have to say I LOVE it! There have definitely been moments of craziness, but to see how Lily treats Evalyn and how much Evalyn just adores Lily makes all the sleepless nights and crazy moments way more than worth it. I'm glad Leanna and Hudson love each other so much.

Great idea for thankful Fridays! Definitely need to spend a lot more time being thankful. It is really hard to complain or worry when you are speaking thankfulness. Today I would say I'm really thankful for Will. He is doing an awesome job providing for us! He's been putting in a lot of extra hours and I know it is hard on him. but he does it with out complaining and still comes home and plays with the girls so I can have at least a partial break. Very thankful for a loving husband. Glad I got to write it out today...I was thinking of that this morning in the shower of all places.

Shaybplus3 said...

Will is a pretty good guy! I am glad you got a shower today (yesterday morning that was my thankfulness) to shower before work! I think the three of us are pretty lucky in the "dude" department.

The crazy moments are crazy but the sweet and special ones seem to wipe those out... At least until the next one happens anyway!