Sunday, September 21, 2008

The twins turned 2.

Halee and Keegan are now 2 too! They had a lovely party and Leanna and Hudson got them some pretty cool things.

My kids love them. They talk about them all the time. Leanna just adores Halee (she wants mommy to have a sister for her too) and wants to play dollies with her. Hudson and Keegan are buds. Keegan is Hudson's really only male buddy to hang with. No other boys his age...pretty much no other boys (well Casey is helping in this department now :)...)

They are fun to hang around with and I enjoy seeing there faces light up in smiles. My kids enjoy spending time with them too. When they get together though it looks like trouble.

Tell me that doesn't look like trouble waiting to happen??? Leanna is 4 and the other three Hudson, Halee and Keegan are all two now.


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