Thursday, September 4, 2008

Has it seriously been a week already?

Okay so the title here will give you some idea of how crazy our household has been here lately.

A good crazy I suppose but a BUSY crazy!

We have had birthday parties and events. Not just for Leanna and Hudson but the rest of the universe as well. Not to mention just in this little month of September we have 9 more events to attend that include birthday parties, weddings, BBQ's etc. You get the idea.

I have pictures from the birthday party that was a lot of fun for the kids. I will try and get those posted in the next day or so.

We have moved rooms around which was a feat to begin with because Leanna's bed broke and so a new one had to be gotten. (Good bye daybed from mommy's teenage years *sniff sniff*). Leanna's old bedroom is now a playroom for the kids. Which I think will be perfect for us seeing as how the rainy/cold season is already or will soon be upon us.

All of this crazy living reminds me that as a momma I am pulled in so many directions. Don't get me wrong sometimes those directions are fun and exciting and hilarious and other times they are serious, busy, sad and anger filled to...but I need to remember to find a time to be still. To not be a momma or a wife or a friend or a member of some team, committee, or even a worker. But to sit and be still and read and pray and sing and worship and have my own moments of quietness and remembering who really is in control of my days. Because I can promise you it isn't me. It isn't my kids or my husband or my job or my family. It is God and I think here lately I am not hearing him clearly enough because I am letting the craziness well up in my ears and drown out his quiet words and reminders "Hey I am here...are you listening...", "What are you getting angry for?", "Take a breath and stop cleaning and go enjoy a walk in My goodness", "That butterfly that your kids are so excited about isn't a science lesson it is a lesson in My goodness and kindness and worthiness".

Too often us mommas forget some of the important things. (Not pointing fingers here unless you count myself). I need to slow down and remember God is good and so is life and yeah it is crazy but it doesn't have to be that way sometimes. Sometimes I make it crazy all by myself.


Casey said...

Good stuff, Shay. Stopping to breathe in God's goodness is hard to remember to do, but how cool is it that our God longs for us to do that? That in itself is such a huge piece of grace. Thanks for reminding me today!

smac said...

Right on my friend!! Definitely a good reminder for me. It is so easy to get caught up in doing that we forget to just "be." Have I mentioned that I'm so super to see you tomorrow night that I could scream or cry or both. I miss having friends that are like minded to hang out with on a regular basis. :)

Shaybplus3 said...

I am super excited to hang too. It has been a long time since I have been able to just "hang" without the children so Yeah for tonight :)