Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I forgot about the circus!!!!

How do you forget about the circus??? We went to the circus back in March and I completely forgot to blog about it! It is one of our most favorite days in the whole wide world. We absolutely get psyched and the kids just love it. Josh's Uncle Jim and the lovely Aunt Jane always make it such a fun day for the kids! I will let some pictures speak for themselves!
Leanna's favorite act at the circus: The quick change artist OR the tightrope walkers/acrobats. Hudson's favorite act at the circus: The motorcycle cage (are we shocked?). Nolan's favorite act at the circus: I like the monkey's. There you have it folks! We are so thankful for the Shriner's who do such an amazing job every year. We also want to thank Aunt Jane and Uncle Jim for always treating the kids to such an amazing day! It really is something we look forward to all year!

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