Monday, April 30, 2012

The Unity Tree

My girl is in first grade... I have a hard time still processing that. My girl is ending her year as a 1st grader. I have an even harder time dealing with that! It is crazy for me to think that in a few short months she will be in 2nd grade. She will be 8!!! Before we jump a head and this momma gets all teary eyed. I have some pictures from her 1st grade music program called "The Unity Tree". It is a beautiful story about a puppy and a kitten wanting to play together and all the Dogs (boys) and all the Cats (girls) are trying to tell them what a bad idea it is and how it just isn't done. It was such a sweet program! Some photos...
Leanna and her classmates worked very hard on their program and it was a wonderful night for everyone! And if this momma does say so herself I have one cute kitten!

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