Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Field Day

Have I mentioned that my girl is getting ready to finish up the 1st grade? Well she is. It is a sobering life altering thought for me to realize that in just a few short months I will be the momma of an 8 year old who is in the 2nd grade... where the heck has all the time gone? Answer me that! Wow.
Well one of the most awesome end of year things that happens is Field Day!!! It is such an adventure for all of the kids. I love that I have the opportunity to volunteer and be part of these events and be there with my kids.
Mrs. Berry is such an awesome teacher and has been great for Leanna. I am thankful for her and her awesomeness with the kids. I got one wicked sun burn (after lathering 1 billion children with sun screen you would think that I would have put some on right? Wrong?) but I got some awesome pictures too!
Leanna competed in 4 events the shuttle relay, the dribble relay, the other relay (I forget what it was) and then she was the anchor for the tug of war team! She was very proud of that honor. They had try outs you know! They worked so hard and had so much fun. The best part? Mrs. Berry's class cheered whether they came in first or dead last. You wouldn't know the difference. They cheered everyone on. I was so impressed there were no tears and everyone was just glad to be part of the day. It was awesome. The girls Shuttle Relay Team
Relaxing before the next event
Passing the ball off to her teammate in the dribble relay
The boys "over under" team
And then when it came to tally the score. We all (teacher, volunteers (who had been keeping score) and the kids) were excited that we came crawling out of last place into second with the tug of war (cause we are awesome and we won) got one huge surprise.... When the announced second place our name wasn't behind it. We actually came in 1st! It was all very exciting for the kids. I give Mrs. Berry's 1st place class...

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